What is the customary tipping percentage?

With tourism being the number one industry on the island, tipping is common. Some hotels add a 5 to 10% service charge to your bill; if yours does not, you should leave something for the housekeepers, around US$1 per day being typical. In better restaurants, a 10%-15% tip is usual, with more for exceptional service. Taxi drivers are not tipped. Tour and snorkel guides usually expect a tip, which varies depending on length and type of trip.

I’m often asked about vacation tipping. “Who should I tip?” or “How much should I tip?” Here are some general “rules of thumb” for tipping in Belize.

First off not everyone does it, but it is always a good idea to put tipping not only in your budget but in your daily planning. What I mean by that is, if you know you are going to do tip worthy activities that might not have ample change such as a boat tour, go prepared with a range of bills to make tipping easier.

15% – 20% range depending on the service.

Bartenders and waiters; 15% – 20%.

High-end hotels may add a 10% service charge on the bill during checkout. Check your bill and if the charge is not included then it’s always appreciated to give a 5 -15% gratuity for maids and porters if they have assisted you.

Spa staffs in Belize greatly appreciate a tip between 10% – 15%.

Tour Guide
Although there is no set amount the most common, is about 10% – 15% of the price of the tour.

Most online research will tell you that it is a rare practice to tip a taxi in Belize. Because San Pedro is quite small, taxi fares are fairly low.

10% – 15% is appreciated for helping you look gorgeous.

For more information, check out Tacogirl’s blog post "Tipping Guide to Belize."

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