What is the law on spearfishing?

Spear fishing guns are legal only free diving. No tanks allowed when using spear guns. Big fines and prison terms if caught using with tanks. Also, it is totally ILLEGAL with scuba equipment or any type of fishing equipment within Marine Reserves and punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

While I am stating it is legal with snorkel equipment I would certainly never take a tourist spearfishing and would hope nobody else would.

It would not take long to deplete the fishlife it we marketed spearfishing therefore I think it should be left for the locals who have fed their families for generations using this one of many fishing methods.

Spearfishing with a tank on your back is totally illegal.

Lately they changed the rules to allow spearing lionfish while diving but only with a special spear designed for that.Having said that, lots of people(tourist/residents) spearfish fish while snorkeling and just don’t get caught because of our lame enforcement ..

All standard fishing rules apply. No game fish (tarpon, bones, permit), no turtles, Nassau grouper has a season. No reserve areas. Not sure if it's a law but we've always stayed 500+ ft away from dive sites. No SCUBA and spearing, freediving only.

As for your gun, you can bring it. They may want you to pay duties unless you convince them you're bringing it back home with you. You will find JBL replacement parts. For other guns, you'll only find rubbers and tips.

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