What is there to do at night in San Pedro?

There is no shortage of things to do in the evening in San Pedro. Lots of good live music, dancing at Fido’s, Big Daddys, Jaguar Temple, Barefoot Iguana.

Big Daddy’s is a real hot spot on the island, and things sometimes go late and loud here. At Fido’s there is often live music. Across the street, the Jaguar Temple hops, too, especially toward the weekend. The Barefoot Iguana has the tunes spinning and is  agreat spot to go dancing. Several hotels have busy beach bars, including the Pier Lounge at the Spindrift, Coconuts, and several others.

Many restaurants and bars provide entertainment for their customers including bands, solo performers featuring country and rock as well as local "Punta" music, a unique drumbeat from the Garifuna culture which will set your feet tapping.  If you visit during a national holiday more than likely the town will be holding a concert or event to commemorate the occasion. Make inquires at your hotels front desk to learn more about what events or special celebrations are taking place during your stay.

Fido’s is good for folks who like live bands.  Wet Willy’s for a more crazy night dancing outing.  Jaguar’s & Bid Daddy’s for the more younger generation dancing people.

If, after a long day in the sun, you’re too pooped to pop a Belikin, you’ll be glad to know that many of the island’s hotels have cable TV, with about the same channels as you’d get in the U.S.

For those who are inclined to gamble a little, try the chicken drop at Spindrift on Wednesday nights, and the Palace Casino. Open six days a week (closed Wednesdays) from 7pm to midnight, it’s your chance to hit 21 or play the one armed bandits. There are four Blackjack tables, each with it’s own experienced dealer (Pretty too!). If cards aren’t your style, then you can try one of the 30 slot and poker machines, featuring progressive winnings. They also have the best in big screen sports.

At the Pier Lounge Bar, you can’t miss the World Famous Chicken Drop Game. It is very popular on the island and only at the beach of the Pier Lounge at the Spindrift Hotel. Gambling at its finest.

Several of the catamarans offer sunset cruises, check with your hotel or peek at their websites. Watch the sun explode into magnificent colours each evening before it sets in the sky.  Enjoy sailing  along the island’s coast, while sipping a delicious tropical drink and enjoying fun and romantic music.

A night at Lighthouse Reef is fun to do too.... Dive the Great Blue Hole and Turneffe on the way and back... Night time diving is also great fun, you will see many different creatures out and about underwater than you do in the daytime.

The nighttime sky is fun to behold. Relax on the beach, or some of the fun viewing spots like the people perch at Caribbean Villas, the top of the Sands Hotel (yes, I love it there even tho its not what it once was), Azul Belize up north has rooftops with hot tubs and that incredible view. Smell that great Caribbean breeze...

Shopping is fun at night too, on weekend nights a large part of downtown is blocked from traffic so folks can shop to their hearts content.

And there are many bars that will cater to the quenching of your thirst after a beautiful sunny day. From Cholos on the beach (Hangovers installed and serviced) to the incredible beauty and quiet of the Rendezvous lounge, you will find the variety of surroundings to be quite fun and satisfying.

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