What public parks are in San Pedro?

San Pedro is enjoying a full dose of new and renovated parks for the enjoyment of all.

Marco Gonzales Park will get a suspended bridge to cross visitors from the lake at the west to the site. There will be resting areas with palapas, garbage cans, and signs.

Mar De Tumbo Park from renovated from nothing to parking area, five palapas, barbecue facilities, trash bins and lighting.

Esmeralda Park (by the library) boasts several palapas, trash bins, barbecue facilities, lighting, a study area for elementary school children, and a permanent area for craft vendors.

Central Park carries a giant size palapa with permanent counters, storage for ice and lots of landscaping. It will also boast good garbage bins, beach volleyball court, smaller round palapas, a jungle gym, a bell structure as was 25 years ago, more games, 2 dressing rooms for shows, 3 bathrooms, and covering over stage. The basketball court will be removed and re-located.

Boca Del Rio Park is now completely filled with sand and it will have new sea games, barbecue pits, a basketball concrete court, beach volleyball sand court, bleachers for sports, jungle gym and several palapas and at least one-bathroom. Proper lighting will make the complements to this park.

Paradise Park (new on lot in front of the cemetery) this park hase a brand new basketball concrete court to be combined for volleyball and tennis by seasons, lots of bleachers and good lighting. This park may serve for shows, pageants, etc., as it will be permanently enclosed with fence and a movable stage at hand.

Mangrove Park in the San Juan area has a natural park where proper lighting and maintenance will be available.

San Pedrito Park hasa jungle gym with games, lots of sand fill and good lighting. If more land is available, a sports court will be constructed.

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