Where can we go to hear some good music?

There is always something happening on Ambergris Caye, whether you want to go dancing or just enjoy good music. Big Daddy’s has had em shakin’ for years. Jaguar Temple is another favorite. Fido’s has a lot of music during the evenings. There are several major dance clubs in the town where local DJ’s provide a wide range of music both local and foreign. Kareoke is held about twice a week at one of the local dance clubs. Barefoot Iguana is a great nightclub in San Pedro. They have 2 full service bars, 2 levels, special effect lighting, virtual rainforest theme, state of the art lighting and sound. They specialize in top 40, dance, high energy, local, 80s, 90s, and reggae music.

Fido’s is good for folks who like live bands.  Wet Willy’s for a more crazy night dancing outing.  Jaguar’s & Big Daddy’s for the more younger generation dancing people.

Mata Grande Studios, a project covering six buildings including world-class recording studio has recently joined forces with Sundiver Beach Resort. The studio will now be offering a full-blown beachfront resort as well as state-of-the-art recording, 2 pools, private guesthouses, oceanfront suites and public beach bar with lots of live music.

Click here (http://MataGrandeStudios.com)

here’s a brief look at the music scene is San Pedro from Ebbe at Mata Grande Studios:

Fido’s is one place to go, mainly on Wednesdays and Saturdays when 20/20 are playing.
Tackle Box is a cool place too, and my dear friend Dennis Wolfe is entertaining all over the island almost every night. Will and Dale are the greatest (where there’s a will there’s a dale!) and they can also be found in numerous establishments during the week. Other than that: Punta Boyz, Barrington and...
We are doing a little "booze & blues" the first Sunday of every month at my place  which is Sundiver Beach & Mata Grande Studios.


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