Accessory LED Lights Illegal On Motor Vehicles

The Department of Transport takes this opportunity to inform the public that affixing of LED lights (inclusive of other lights varying in size and color) on to a motor vehicle without the written permission from the Department of Transport is an offe... Read More

Age limit for driving

Underage Drivers, It is an offense for anyone under the age of 17 to drive any vehicle on the island, if a person under the legal age is caught driving, the vehicle will be impounded and both the driver and the owner or renter will be ticketed for th... Read More

Are UTVs allowed on the island?

Yes there are lots of Polarises on the island but they tend to rust out a lot quicker than the golf carts! Don’t ever under-estimate the power of the salt, it’s a never-ending battle. There are Honda pioneers, Polaris Rangers, can-ams and... Read More

Are vehicle permits transferable?

Vehicle permits are NOT transferable. There are some people who advertise vehicles for sale with permit. This is not right, anyone who wants to have a vehicle on Ambergris Caye must apply for a permit before purchasing or bringing a vehicle onto th... Read More

Can you drive on the beach?

No unauthorized vehicles are allowed on any beach on Ambergris Caye, Any vehicle seen driving on a beach area will be impounded. Read More

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