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When is the Mosquito Season in Belize?
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The mosquito season starts about the start of rainy season, say June 1 or so. When the rainy season is upon us,  along with it comes showers of mosquitoes too! These annoying tiny blood suckers do not discriminate anyone as they bite anyone and ... Read More
What does "ambergris" mean? Where does the word come from?
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Ambergris (Latin: Ambra grisea, Ambre gris, ambergrease or grey amber) is a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull gray or blackish color produced in the digestive system of and regurgitated or secreted by sperm whales. Ambergris Caye seemingly g... Read More
Sea Urchins and Sea Cucumbers: Request for Harvest Data/Information
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I'm looking for, and interested in, any information you could direct me to on current laws regarding the harvest of sea urchins and sea cucumbers in Belize. The last time I was down there in 2010, it seemed the government of Belize had legalized the ... Read More
What are the geographical coordinates of Belize?
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Latitude of Belize: 17º15� North of the Equator Longitude of Belize: 88º45� West of Greenwich Locations   Latitude   Longitude Ambergris Caye 17.947381N 87.95517W Belize City 17.49... Read More
What is the difference between a Doctor Fly and and Bot Fly? and how do you identify them?
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The human Bot fly attaches its larvae to mosquitos and when they bite the human the larvae in inserted into the human, and it is hairy. You will never be bitten by a bot fly, you get eggs deposited on your skin by a visiting mosquito that quickly hat... Read More
Seafood Guide to Belize
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Seafood Guide to Belize: Closed seasons, banned catches, size and catch limits, Special laws and permits. Why you Should Care.  Fisheries Stocks are declining globally the ocean is not the unlimited resource we once thought it was. Many Scientists ... Read More
What is the population of Belize, and the breakdown by districts?
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Here are some statistics District and Subdivisions Total % Males % Females % Country Total 291,800 100.0 147,400 50.5 144,400 49.5 Urban 146,600 50.2 72,200 49.2 74,400 50.8 Rural 145,200 49.8 75,200 51.8 70,000 48.2 Corozal 35,500 12.2 17,... Read More
Where can I go to get a field guide for Ambergris Caye?
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Why click right here ( . History, Ship Wrecks, Maya Ruins, Botany, Biology, Geology, Blue Holes, Beachcombers Tips. Read More
Can you comment on the sand flea situation in Belize? When & where & how to avoid them. Thank you.
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Here’s a thread on the subject, basically they tend to be in the more undeveloped areas, baby oil before they bite, and banana peel rubbed on after they bite... Read More
Why Do Expats Fall in Love with Belize?
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Recent years have seen expats flocking to Belize at an ever-increasing rate. While it’s long been a favorite of scuba divers and explorers, what is it about this Central American nation that’s brought it onto the radar of people looking t... Read More
What are the geographical coordinates of San Pedro?
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18.03N 87.90W Read More
I want to buy good compost and black dirt. I live on Ambergris Caye. Please advice how I can get some shipped in.
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It can be shipped via a barge from the Port Authority on the south side of town. I have beautiful black dirt, but you'd need to come here, check it out then conduct the transfer! Lady Bug used to have compost that was dug on the north end of the isla... Read More
Getting rid of gecko’s
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Anyone have eradication protocols for geckos? Our log house has encouraged too many to leave their calling cards on the floors, in the closets and kitchen cabinets. Heretofore in Belize ,they have manifested themselves as an unobtrusive side sho... Read More
Bow Ownership
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Good morning, I will be visiting Belize and staying in Aguacate with a Mayan family friend. I would like to give him a bow as a present. I read the gun laws and did not see any restriction on bows. Can you please shed on light on the subject. Thank... Read More