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I would love to know costs of services from locals living on Ambergris. Please give all price in Belize dollars.
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WHAT THINGS COST IN BELIZEBelize doesn't have a cost of living. It has several costs of living.The traditional view is that Belize is the most expensive countryin Central America, yet one of the least expensive in theCaribbean. While there's truth to... Read More
Is the water safe to drink?
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There is ample water for showers and bathing in San Pedro, but you are asked to conserve. Hotels will supply you with all your drinking water. Many visitors drink the local water with no harmful after-effects. Others, more prudent or with delicate st... Read More
What can you tell me about the tap water on Ambergris Caye and how the plant works?
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Ambergris Water supply at Consolidated water While our tap water at the plant is completely potable, there is no guarantee on the state of the pipes running from Consolidated Water to where ever you are. The Reverse Osmosis Plant owned and operated ... Read More