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I would love to know costs of services from locals living on Ambergris. Please give all price in Belize dollars.
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WHAT THINGS COST IN BELIZEBelize doesn't have a cost of living. It has several costs of living.The traditional view is that Belize is the most expensive countryin Central America, yet one of the least expensive in theCaribbean. While there's truth to... Read More
What internet services are available on the island?
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Folks needing internet service in the town center can use any of the locations listed below. Rates at the  shops vary. They have email services, web browsing, all your internet needs and refreshments to drink also! High speed connectiv... Read More
Internet / phone / VOIP
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I will be working remotely and i will be in a place with shared wifi. I need to have a laptop running and make calls 30-40 calls back to the US daily. I don't know much about technology. I was planning to use wifi for my laptop and get on the new 4G ... Read More
Belize Communications
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The international dialing code for Belize is 501 and the country is filled with pay phones but it should be noted that different rates are charged. The blue and yellow pay phones which are located mainly in tourist areas are designed to charge high r... Read More
Does the "Magic Jack" app work in Belize?
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We are coming down next week and I am trying to find out if the "Magic Jack App" for smart phones works in San Pedro. Last year when we were at Banana Beach, we could finally get Skype to come on- but the picture and sound were distorted. I have an 8... Read More
Where can I find a free wireless Hotspot?
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Most hotels have wireless internet (wifi), and now YOUR PARK IS A HOTSPOT! Find the list below of eight parks countrywide offering free wireless internet access. Read More
How do I get the BBC TV Network on Cable TV?
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Apparently, unlike CNN, Al-Jazeera etc. who do free broadcasts, the British Broadcasting Corporation television, network expected payments. . . .. Even when all the TV companies in Belize got together, the BBC was still charging more than t... Read More
I am working on deciding on which home alarm system to bring down and a question came up about what the SMS Gateway for Digicell in Belize is. This is the path for an email to be sent to someone as a text message on a phone. Do you know the answer?
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They block it. I assume you have a system that sends email when events are triggered and you want the email to go out to a Belize number like which would show up as text. They block the ability of people to recieve SMS by email in Be... Read More
I am getting new BTL service and would rather not rent their modem/router (it is a combo, no?). It seems they offer no help if you use your own. I don’t know much about all this. What do I need? I have a D-Link router (and a Linksys). What else
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Yeah they use a combo so you should get a combo. Usually they still have to go in and ensure your user account is set up right but if you needed any other adjustments like public IP, or NAT settings it will be all up to you. I had thought I was renti... Read More
My current provider has both modem and router n one box. Is it the same in Belize or do I need to bring a router?
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Both BTL & SMART offer modem/wireless router combo's for Internet & device simply needs to be PPoE compatible to work. Read More
Do people in Belize now have access to Skype or is it still blocked?
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The block on Skype was lifted some time ago. Skype works fine here, although messaging vis Skype (which requires very little band width) works better than audio. We at a fairly remote location we do not use the video option which does need a lot of b... Read More
Is WIFI available at The Belize International Airport?
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Yes it is free and it generally works. Also you can go to the restaurant above Tropic Air check-in by the observation deck. They have their own WiFi and it works well. Enjoy an adult beverage while checking emails and such. Read More