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How far north can golf carts and bicycles go? Can we drive all the way by road to our condo at the Costa Maya Reef?
Viewed 11818 times since Wed, Dec 6, 2006
CAN is a big word - probably "can" (but it won't all be on a road) but why would anybody want to?! Eight miles of water holes, mud, ruin the golf cart, ruin your back. If you want to, you can get all the way to Robles with a bike - as long as you&nbs... Read More
How can i rent a bicycle?
Viewed 6477 times since Thu, Dec 7, 2006
There are several places that rent bicycles. The most reasonable one we found is Joe's Bike Shop, a great place to rent a bike. He is just down the street north from Ruby's and across the street from the Pier Lounge. He offers his bikes at $12 Belize... Read More
Bicycle traffic laws
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All bicyclists have to observe the traffic laws the same as all road users.  People who ride bicycles are reminded that they should obey the rules of the road just like vehicles, You should STOP at stop signs, you should not ride up stop and you sh... Read More
Bicycle Manners
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People who ride bicycles must stop riding up street, this is not only against the law it is extremely dangerous. Also carrying people on a bicyle especially young children is very unsafe. If you must carry a child on your bike, have a seat made for... Read More