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What is the Cost of Belikin Beer and how do I shop at the distributor?
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There are two separate distributor buildings and there has been some back and forth between the two over the years leaving some people wondering exactly how pick up and returns work. While you can still drop empties off at the old Belikin Beer distri... Read More
Hunting seasons for game meat in Belize
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If stewed Gibnut is favorite meal for you, make the most of it this month in December because come Jan 1st the season to hunt and eat it is closed until June 1st when season reopens. Be responsible and only buy your game meat from licensed hunters or... Read More
What are the grocery stores like?
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There is a more recent article on grocery shopping in San Pedro at theSanPedroScoop blog. Click here for that article.... Visitors often wonder if there are supermarkets, vegetable produce vendors or convenience stores in San Pedro. The answer is ... Read More
Could you tell me when your food markets are open and what their hours of operation are?
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Most supermarkets and certainly the large ones are open every day. Island Supermarket is open 7AM to 10:30PM everyday. 7 days? I asked... 8 he said! Read More
Fruits available in Belize and their seasons
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For those who are interested. These are some of the fruits available in Belize and their season for ripening. Hope it is helpful. Will be updating this... Click here for a pdf   Read More
How much is a pound of conch bought from a fisherman these days?
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You can get it for between $8-10 at the co-op when the guys come in. You still have to clean it and remove the skin. Read More
Can eating big fish make you sick at some times of the year?
Viewed 1918 times since Wed, Aug 2, 2017
Have always heard to not eat big fish in August, like barracuda and grouper. That was common knowledge when a child. My husband will only eat it in specific seasons because yes...reef fish can really make you sick at the wrong times.   August 1, 2017... Read More