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I am planning to sail to Belize from Galveston departing about April one. Never made the trip before, does anyone have some tips for us....passing Cozumel? Best anchorages?
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Make sure your maps are current, some friends ran on a sandbar near Isla Mujueras last year as weather has a way of moving things around faster than buoys or maps can be changed. You can get inside the reef at Isla Mujeres to sleep and rest up. Tulu... Read More
We are considering a sail charter to Belize. Is it better to charter from San Pedro or Placencia or other mainland ports?
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AC is generally just a start and end (if you do a round trip) point for charters. AC has much better provisioning opportunities than PLA, it's hard to get even the basics at times down there.As for the sailing and snorkeling, the snorkeling from San ... Read More
How can I sail to Belize and San Pedro?
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There are occasional sailings from New Orleans and Florida. In December, you can expect to go down with a norther. In the Gulf part, winds will be from the North, north West, past the Yucatan Channel they will be from the north almost directly. The s... Read More
What is the deepest port in Belize?
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You can get a freighter with 6-12 feet into Big Creek. Belize River bar is one foot most of the time. At the port they dredge but it doesn’t get much deeper. the main San Pedro cut has an 7 ft controlling draft. The water is 7-10 ft deep for a... Read More
We are heading to San Pedro from Grand Cayman. Our vessel is 57 ft in length and draws 6 ft 6inches. Is there a suitable anchorage for our size?
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Yes, the main San Pedro cut has an 7 ft controlling draft. The water is 7-10 ft deep for anchoring in front of San Pedro, with a sand bottom - no rocks. No problem with San Pedro up to 7ft. draft, but one cannot go far once inside the reef. TMM moni... Read More
Do you have any information about sailing to Cuba?
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Cuba is all about regulations, and as long as a visiting sailor knows and understands that, the Caribbean island nation can be a rewarding place to visit. So was the message from Jose Miguel Diaz Escrich, commodore of the yacht club at Marina Hemingw... Read More
Can you tell me what the Belize City tide differential is for San Pedro?
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We are currently in Isla Mujeres on a vessel that has a draft of nearly 6 feet. ==================  The difference will be negligible. Our tides are around a foot at most. A vessel with a 6 foot draft can enter at San Pedro and anchor but would ... Read More