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Do you have a list of Belize Jungle Lodges?
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Jungle Lodges in Belize Click here for a map of the Jungle Lodges in Belize. Click here for a LARGER version of that map. Orange Walk DistrictChan Chich LodgeHill Bank Field StationLa Milpa LodgeLamanai Outpost LodgeBelize DistrictBird’s ... Read More
What are requirements to operate a Scuba Dive boat?
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Best of my knowledge, you will need a Masters License, thats just the captains License but they call it "Masters". If you have other dive masters on board and you only drive the boat you might get away with it. You should also have a Tour Guide Licen... Read More
What is minimum weight and age for parasailing? what are the names and contact information for companies offering parasailing on Ambergris. thanks.
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Doug is the current owner and it is run out of the FIDO’s dock (where it has always been) the operations are through Funtasea (the mini speedboats). Not sure if they ever defined the age issue (if you do a tandem there are 2 persons and they a... Read More
What’s it like skydiving over the island?
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One goes up to 13,000 feet and bails out. I believe that the free fall is about 3 minutes - but I was so  excited/nervous that I'm not sure if it felt like 3 minutes, but was only 1.  Or if it was 3 minutes but if felt like 1.I know if our ... Read More
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Ambergris Caye relies heavily on boats for transportation not only around the island itself but for inter island travel, mainland travel, transportation of cargo and of course tourism. When Swimming or snorkeling on Ambergris Caye please B... Read More
Where can i rent jet skis or waverunners?
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Jetskis and Waverunners are available in a few locations downtown, walk the beach around the are of the Spindrift Hotel... Read More
Are there sailing classes or regattas (races) on the island?
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Belize Sailing Lessons and Regattas   Sailing lessons and the opportunity to try racing are free. To find out how to participate, call Paul McCarthy, the San Pedro Sailing Club Training and Equipment Officer at 610-0773 or stop by his place of b... Read More
What sports are played or have facilities in San Pedro?
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Belize offers considerable and varied opportunities for excellent outdoor activities such as deep-sea, river and lagoon fishing; bird-watching and animal- watching; sailing; canoeing (in locally-made doreys); scuba diving; spelunking; horseback ridin... Read More
Where is Secret Beach?
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Heading north past the bridge, there is one road about a mile and a half north of the bridge that will take you to the west side (or the back side) of the island. It takes you from the reef side to a limestone area with small trees and mangroves with... Read More
Where can I find a live streaming of the Belize Jaguars football game?
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Try these links for a livestream of the Belize Jaguars Football Club (soccer to some). Read More