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What are the details of the runways of Philip Goldson Airport and it’s history?
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Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport , (PGIA) is the premier international airport of Belize. Located only 10 miles from Belize City, the airport serves as the main gateway to this beautiful, develop... Read More
What is the difference between the International Airport and the Municipal Airport in Belize City?
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One of my longtime readers Jenny and her family always fly Municipal to save a few dollars.This time she and her husband Brad were coming down for a solo trip and out of habit she got me to book them through Belize Municipal Airport then she wrote me... Read More
Get to know the Philip Goldson International Airport
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The Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport, also known as the Belize International Airport is the busiest airport in the country. It was named after an influent politician who died back in 2001 and represents the main access point to the Belize fo... Read More
I remember when leaving Belize at the airport we paid an exit tax due prior to boarding our plane. How much is the exit tax per person?
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Departure taxes and fees total US$56. To my knowledge, American is the only airline that doesn’t include it in ticket price.   You can pay with Visa or MasterCard in addition to U.S. cash.   American is the only one who collects it at BZE. All ... Read More
We need for someone to give us info about flying into Belize. Procedure getting into Ambergris from Belize City. Fees, available tie-down for general aviation, security for parked aircraft for a week.
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For private flights intending to do local flying in our country the following documents need to be presented to the Department of Civil Aviation upon the aircraft’s arrival at the P.S.W. Goldson International Airport: Pilots Licence, a valid... Read More
Do you have any flights from Cancun to Belize?
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Maya Island Air will start flying to Cancun, Guatemala City, and Honduras next month. The airline announced that it is going regional on July 8th. That's when the airline will begin flying two return trips to Cancun daily and daily roundtrips to San ... Read More
10 travel tips to navigate the Belize International Airport
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Over the years, we have learned a ton from our own travel, and the questions and problems guests have had in getting here. Here are the top 10 tips we've learned on how to navigate the Belize airport and regional jet system like a pro! 1.) Tropi... Read More
Can I get to San Pedro from Municipal Airport in Belize City? Can I get to Municipal from the International Airport?
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From the International Airport, take a 20 min taxi ride to Municipal airport for 20 bucks, you get to chat up the driver and see some "sites", and it effectively cuts your airfare in half by flying out of 'muni'. With 2 people it is not as good of a ... Read More
Flying from Belize to Cancun Mexico
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Flying from Belize to Cancun Mexico was super easy and very fast compared to going by land or boat. We left Belize at 11:30 am and landed in Cancun at 1:15 pm. As we are leaving Philip Goldson International Airport, it was very overcast and gray, ear... Read More
Flights into Belize!
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Thanks to the Belize Tourist Board, here is a list of airlines along with flight times to Belize from the United States! Delta From Atlanta, GA (ATL)3 hours, 11 minutes From Los Angeles, CA (LAX)Flight Time: 4 hours, 40 minutes For more information, ... Read More
What is cost of taxi between Municipal Airport and International Airport, and how long does it take?
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US$30.00/25 mins Read More
Tips for Flying with Your Pet
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For some people, traveling without their pets simply won't do; being away from Spot the pooch or Jinxy the cat is just simply unbearable. Fortunately, modern air travel has branched out to include passengers of the four-legged variety. Most airlines ... Read More
Flights to Belize & Flight Schedules
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If you’re a traveler interested in coming to Belize, then surely you’ve poured over the research on flights to Belize. You’ve probably looked up all the attractions, done your fair share of reading on and about hotels (or a Belizea... Read More
Can you tell me about the San Pedro airport and the runway there?
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Aerial view of the runway at John Grief II airport in San Pedro, Belize (Click image for a larger version) TheJohn Grief II in San Pedro is pretty much downtown, with Maya Island Air andTropic Air having terminals there. Both terminals have b... Read More
Flying from Belize City to San Pedro
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With roughly 386 km of coastline, Belize’s waters are dotted with islands of all shapes and sizes. Of course, most of them remain undeveloped and inhabited only with our region’s rich flora and fauna. But nevertheless each of our little j... Read More
We have a 2 hour layover to catch our short flight to Ambergris Caye. Does the internationall airport have a bar? If not, is there one located close by?
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Yes, there is a bar in the airport (Jet's Bar), and a restaurant/lounge area where you can get some food. The food zone is quite large. There are also lots of shops where you can get little things you may want to remember your trip by, and a bank to ... Read More
The Best Airlines in Belize
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  Whether it be for business or pleasure, you definitely have the option to choose one of the best airlines in Belize. We all enjoy being somewhere different from the norm, different from our home country. Whilst we can take a road trip to reach tha... Read More
Current requirements for private aircraft landing: I am planning a trip in a private airplane, a Piper Cherokee 180 four seat airplane with a total of four of us flying in. What are the current requiremts? Do you know if I can stop in Mexico to refue
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You will need Mexican insurance, through a Mexican agent, AOPA has information on providers. You will most likely have to pay a landing fee. Also, when you head north, you must stop first in Cozumel or Topachula on the Pacific to clear into Mexico (o... Read More
Flying to Belize
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Traveling from the United States to almost any country has never been easier, and with additions of even more airlines last year, so many more folks are sure to discover this little slice of paradise in 2016. American Airlines: Starting on Jun... Read More
Does anyone know of a (small) company flying Guatemala City - Belize City or other destination in Belize regularly?
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As far as a I know, there is none.  Tropic Air goes twice daily between BZE and Flores.  TACA and maybe still TAG fly Flores-Guatemala City.TACA goes GUA to BZE via San Salvador, El Salvador, with a change of planes at TACA's hub there.&nbs... Read More
Travel Tips and Hints for the Belize International Airport
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<p align="left">Are you getting anxious about your upcoming flight to Belize? While international travel may be daunting, don’t fret! We’re here with some helpful travel tips and hints to help you move easily through the Phillip Gol... Read More
Top 7 Nonstop Airlines and Flights to Belize
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Want a nonstop flight to Belize? According to American Airlines Flights to Belize, here are the following flight schedules of nonstop flights to Belize: American Airlines offer daily flights from Miami to Belize all year-round including that departs ... Read More
How can folks get from the Phillip Goldson airport to Caye Caulker if they are arriving on the 4:45 p.m. Southwest flight?
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They hold that last boat over in the city to accommodate late arrivals to the SPBE water taxi terminal. Tropic has a ferry service now too, the Tropic ferry will pick them up and take them on a private water taxi from Ladyville to Caye caulker. Read More
Can you fly from Ambergris Caye to Placencia, or do you have to go back to Belize City and drive down?
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You can fly from San Pedro to Belize City, then fly from Belize City to Placencia…. Both Maya Island Air and Tropic Air fly that route…. Read More
Which is cheaper for getting to San Pedro, flying direct from the international airport (BZE) or taking a cab to Municipal airport (TZA)
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Two Airport options explained When flying to San Pedro and other Belize destinations, you have two options with Tropic Air: Fly directly from Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE)  (in Ladyville) to San Pedro Airport (SPR) or take... Read More
What is the duty on bottles of wine over and above the duty free limit?
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From a traveller... We just got back from Belize and here is what happened at the international airport in Belize City: 1. I had four bottles of wine in my suitcase and just passed through customs with no problem. They did not open the suitcases and ... Read More
Do you know anything about private aviation in Belize? I’m planning to move down in the next couple years but hate to give up my small homebuilt.
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Didn't see anything like it around AC when I've been there but hoped you might know or know someone that does. I know of no such restriction. There is an ultralight club at Maya Flats in San Ignacio. San Pedro is crowded and you will need permission ... Read More
getting through customs
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Out plane gets into Belize at 4:30. There is a 5:40 flight to San Pedro. Can we make that plane or should we go for the 640? Hi, you can probably make, it, but if you are a bit late the local airline (Tropic or Maya Island) will just put you on a lat... Read More
What is the status of Belize having a second international airport
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Supposedly someday there will be one on north Ambergris Caye, here is some discussion about it... Read More
Tropic Air Suspends Service To Chetumal, Merida & San Pedro Sula, Honduras
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Tropic Air announces today (8/3/2017) that it is suspending scheduled flights to Chetumal, Merida, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The dates of the last flight to/from those destinations are as follows: Chetumal, Mexico: Friday, September 1, 2017Merida... Read More
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Hi, are you asking about flight price? One way is about $90us...   What is the price per person from Belize City to San Pedro? There are 6 of us traveling to Belize this weekend. Read More
Exit Fee
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Can the exit fee be paid with MasterCard at the airport?If not, is there a bank machine where you can withdraw us$ in the airport? You will need to pay the exit fee in $US. Double check to see if it was paid on your plane ticket. There is an ATM in t... Read More
Aircraft Storage
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I‘m looking to buy a remote piece of property in Belize and would like to fly from either Belize City or the International Airport to the property. Is there any long term aircraft storage facilities at either airport? Thank you. ===============... Read More
Is WIFI available at The Belize International Airport?
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Yes it is free and it generally works. Also you can go to the restaurant above Tropic Air check-in by the observation deck. They have their own WiFi and it works well. Enjoy an adult beverage while checking emails and such. Read More