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Postal zip codes, mailing information
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I am trying to get the zip code or postal code for Barrier Reef Drive in San Pedro Town Ambergrise Caye Belize, C.A. There are no zip codes in Belize, just leave them off….   Read More
When is the post office open and where is it located?
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The post office (# 2250) is located at Barrier Reef Drive and Buccaneer Street. It is open Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon then 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.. Mail service between Ambergris Caye and the U.S. is usually reliable but may take 10 days... Read More
Shipping to Belize
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I want to ship some sail boat provisions ahead of time to San Pedro, from North Carolina, USA.  Is there a “UPS Store” on San Pedro, or can I ship to my own name to the San Pedro Post Office and pick up there myself?  You mentio... Read More
Contacting Post Office: Hi, I recently sent a REGISTERED Letter and NEED to know if it was picked up. Does S.P. PO have an EMAIL???
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No computer, no e-mail at the post office.  The phone number I havefor the PO is as follows - 206-2260. Just in case you don't know what to expect time-wise - 2weeks from US or Canada to Belize, then recipient needs to call forthe mail, then the... Read More
Does anyone have experience renting and shipping a 20 or 40’ container of household goods to San Pedro? Specifically from NY if possible.
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Folks have used Hyde Shipping in Miami for years to ship stuff down to Belize. If you contact Benny Torres at Hyde I’m sure he’d tell you the best way. You will need to fill the container in New York, then they w... Read More
Acquiring a post office account, UPS, FedEx
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I am moving to Ambergris Caye to retire there. I wish to provide a forwarding address to family and business associates. Am I able to open an Postal Box (PO Box) account or address via internet or telephone? Is there any cost to me for this? Am ... Read More
What is the FASTEST most secure way to send an important document from Belize City to the USA?
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FedEx. You can even drop it off at your nearest Tropic Air Depot, as they are an agent of FedEx. There is a fedex desk in the Tropic Cargo office. Takes about 3 days. Reliable. Works US to Belize also. You can use Docusign via internet to send legal ... Read More