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What is the common currency in Belize?
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 US $1 = BZ $2. U.S. currency is accepted throughout San Pedro. Most hotels quote rates in U.S. dollars. Local currency is the Belize Dollar. U.S. dollars should be exchanged directly in purchasing goods and services, as banks will charge a fee ... Read More
I would love to know costs of services from locals living on Ambergris. Please give all price in Belize dollars.
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WHAT THINGS COST IN BELIZEBelize doesn't have a cost of living. It has several costs of living.The traditional view is that Belize is the most expensive countryin Central America, yet one of the least expensive in theCaribbean. While there's truth to... Read More
What’s the best way to get cash on AC if you run out?
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You can use a credit card to get a draw from a local bank. They give you cash and charge against your credit card. Read More
How do you open an Offshore Bank account in Belize?
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It seems that Belize is most popular for two reasons, one, the Great Blue Hole and two, Offshore Banking. At least that’s what I often get when I introduce myself to strangers in the US or Canada. Here’s how it usually goes: “Oh you... Read More
The Top 11 Reasons to Invest in Belize
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Stability Belize has a stable, democratic government, the economy in Belize is stable and balanced, the currency is pegged to the US dollar, the legal system is based on the British legal framework, and Belize is still an independent member of the Br... Read More
What are the legal steps to starting a business in Belize?
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Few people would disagree that Belize must increase its rate of economic growth more dramatically, and in a sustainable way. One of the obvious ways in which Belize can do that is by encouraging entrepreneurship. Beltraide, through its Small Business... Read More
How do i pay my property taxes? I have not received notice of them being due.
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You can write, call (501-226-2198) or email ( to the San Pedro Town Board, give them the lot number and  subdivision name. Read More
Belize Money
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Since Belize currency and spending options is often a subject that comes up around peoples travel plans I decided to include some basic information on Belize money. Belize uses the Belize Dollars it’s main currency, also referred to as $BZ / $B... Read More
What is the amount of Belize’s total national debt?
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As of March 2011, Belize’s total national debt (both external and domestic) was U.S. $1.0156 billion, an amount equivalent to approximately 75.3% of GDP Read More
Accounting Records (Maintenance) Act 2013
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Belize has recently passed the Accounting Records (Maintenance) Act in a bid to improve the country’s legal and regulatory framework. In accordance with the Act, every entity shall keep its accounting records at any of the following locations: ... Read More
What are the Basic Expenses in Belize Retirement?
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Belize is a sanctuary preferred by different retirees. Many residents have fallen in love with this place and they do exclaim their happy life by showing pictures of their tropical life. Retirement in Belize may be the best option to choose but befor... Read More
When I am looking at lodging rates on the internet. Are they in Belizean dollars or American dollars?
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It depends on the resort. Their rates pages should say, most use US$. Read More