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How can i ship into or out of Belize?
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Here is some shipping information: also more info below: Belize City: Airport: Phillip S.W. Goldson International Airport, P.O. Box 367, Belize City, Ph... Read More
Is there a shipping service from the USA Gulf States to Belize for an automobile-- passenger car ?
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Most people drive their cars over from the States; that's the cheapest way. There are 3 shipping companies operating from Houston and Miami, but they mainly ship containers; The cheapest is from Miami: Hyde shipping. From Houston Concord shipp... Read More
How do I address a letter to San Pedro?
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Send to person's name, address if known (or General Delivery) San Pedro, Belize, Central America The Postmaster, Angel, has specifically asked that you NOT put AC or CA or any other info on the mail. Many times the "CA" marking has resulted in a leng... Read More
I wanted to send my friend in Belize some things, but I'm unsure of whether the items go to the post office, and then await pickup? or if they are actually brought to their homes?
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They are kept at the post office. The friend will have to pay any taxes due on the items when they arrive. Letter and letter sized envelopes have no fee. Even when they are thick sometimes. :> Read More
Shipping to Belize
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I want to ship some sail boat provisions ahead of time to San Pedro, from North Carolina, USA.  Is there a “UPS Store” on San Pedro, or can I ship to my own name to the San Pedro Post Office and pick up there myself?  You mentio... Read More
I am coming to San Pedro for 2-3 months, maybe longer. Can I receive General Delivery mail in San Pedro at the Post Office? If so, do I need to contact the San Pedro Post Office ahead of time and do t
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Yes you can receive mail at "General Delivery, San Pedro Town, Belize" Don't add anything else!You won't need to contact the Post Office in advance. Read More
Does anyone have experience renting and shipping a 20 or 40’ container of household goods to San Pedro? Specifically from NY if possible.
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Folks have used Hyde Shipping in Miami for years to ship stuff down to Belize. If you contact Benny Torres at Hyde I’m sure he’d tell you the best way. You will need to fill the container in New York, then they w... Read More
Moving furniture, household to Belize
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Hello - can you tell me how I move my furniture from Belize City to San Pedro and how much it will cost. I do have my QRP status and wondered if it would be worth moving it over? Try Crystal Shipping and if they can't, ask them who can. I assume thi... Read More
Which shipping company do you use to shop from America to Belize?
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Cayo Cargo stuff usually reach in 2 weeks..and they drop your shipment at the door...doesnt matter which part of Belize you live. Joseph Freight & Belize Concierge Los Angeles. JF is faster but I love that BCS takes payment installmen... Read More
Shipping Personal items to Belize
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If I want to have a barrel of personal things shipped to Belize from the U.S., what do I need to know to do that? Here’s a few links that might help… https://www.shippingto... Read More
What is the best way for shipping to Belize?
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SHIPPING TO BELIZE HYDE SHIPPING (from website) (from website) (from Facebook feedback)501-227-7396501-227-3015501-227-5443From: Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdal... Read More
What’s the best way to have things shipped purchased online from major retailers (department stores or Amazon) directly to Belize?
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Use a freight forwarding company, like Easy Shipping to Belize (on Facebook). Purchase your items at Amazon, or wherever, have it sent to Easy Shipping, who then transports it to Belize, and in their case (and other companies), takes care of dealing ... Read More