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I’ve been to the Customs and Duties website and can find no information on the duties and taxes imposed on the importation of boats, specifically sailboats, canoes, and kayaks. Does anyone know why?
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Call Steve Kuylen (pronounced Kway-lon) at the Border. 501-422-3869 Read More
What does it cost for a vacation in Belize and San Pedro?
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Is a vacation on Ambergris Caye expensive? Well, yes and no. Compared to a stay in a small village in the Yucatán or on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, San Pedro is fairly expensive. Compared with St. Barts or Anguilla in the Caribbean, is ... Read More
How much does it cost to live in San Pedro, Belize?
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I get this question a lot, especially from folks who are considering retiring or moving to Belize in the future, and I always tell people "it depends". Because it does, and because it’s almost an impossible question to answer since everyone&rsq... Read More
Do you have an idea of what the pay scale is for various jobs in Belize?
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Belize Pay Scale as of 2009 Belize Draft Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for fiscal year 2009/10: APPENDIX D NEW PAY SCALE 1 6816 x 456 – $15,480 Job Title:- Caretaker/Office Assistant (Educ) Domestic Helper(Hum. Dev/Fire) Janitor (I/Tax &... Read More
What’s the best way to get cash on AC if you run out?
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You can use a credit card to get a draw from a local bank. They give you cash and charge against your credit card. Read More
What is cost of taxi between Municipal Airport and International Airport, and how long does it take?
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US$30.00/25 mins Read More
What Do Things Cost in Belize?
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There is a Spanish named brand here in Belize that I bought once and tried. I did not much care for it. So it is Kraft Mac and Cheese for me. People ask, what do groceries and things cost in Belize? Well this week I had to go grocery shopping to pick... Read More
Does Belize have property tax?
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Yes,  but almost nothing.  My Placencia house was US$50.00 per year. Read More
But how much does a holiday to Belize cost?
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Belize is an expensive country to travel to, there’s no getting away from it, unless you stay west and don’t do anything that is. After I realised how much I’d spent in Belize, and how much more I was likely to spend if I stayed in... Read More