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Are piers public?
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I am looking for information regarding dock / pier law... I am hoping your long time experience might point me in the correct direction. Additionally, I do not want to spend money on an attorney unnecessarily... Specifically, I have a man who is park... Read More
What are requirements to operate a Scuba Dive boat?
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Best of my knowledge, you will need a Masters License, thats just the captains License but they call it "Masters". If you have other dive masters on board and you only drive the boat you might get away with it. You should also have a Tour Guide Licen... Read More
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Ambergris Caye relies heavily on boats for transportation not only around the island itself but for inter island travel, mainland travel, transportation of cargo and of course tourism. When Swimming or snorkeling on Ambergris Caye please B... Read More
What is the diving & snorkeling like in San Pedro and Belize?
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There is a great variety of reef types and diving & snorkeling experiences in Belize. The Barrier Reef is 185 meandering miles (298 km) of unspoiled beauty. It varies from 8 to 16 miles (13-26 km) from the mainland to less than one mile (1.6 km) ... Read More
How is the snorkeling?
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Ambergris Caye offers superb snorkeling. To enjoy it best you'll need to take a short boat trip out from shore. You can snorkel off the beach at your hotel or anywhere on the island, but you don't usually see as much. Some hotels work hard to keep th... Read More
When is the best time to see whale sharks?
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The best time to see them is 3-10 days after the full moon in April and May.  March is only a good time to see them if the full moon falls towards the end of the month.  June is okay, but seas are rough. Read More
I have read a couple places that its best to bring your OWN snorkeling gear if you plan on snorkeling because the stuff they rent out doesn't always fit well?
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Its pretty much a choice between cost and if you would use it later. Some folks buy (and bring) their own mask. Its great to have one that fits perfectly. The dive shops have a good selection, and most folks rent them and do just fine,... Read More
Is it possible to get Scuba Certified in Belize?
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There are lots of opportunities to get your PADI certification in San Pedro. I'd suggest that you get your classroom, book learning and pool sessions out of the way at home before you leave. Then take your Open Water testing in Belize for your certif... Read More
What dive instructor would you choose?
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Well, hard question to answer. Try reading this message board thread.... Read More
Is spear fishing while scuba diving legal?
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No, it's not legal. You cannot not spearfish with a tank on! They grant exceptions for lion fish on occasion. Read More