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Does Belize have capital punishment?
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The first and only woman to be executed in Belize was Nora Parham on June 5, 1963. She was convicted for setting her common-law husband, P.C. Ketchell Trapp, on fire in Orange Walk on February 8, 1963. Parham was only 36 years-old, four feet eight... Read More
Regarding property taxes in Belize. Mine have not been paid for several years on 2 lots. Do you know of a Government email address that I can inquire to?
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For San Pedro properties, it is the Town Board. Property Tax Department, Wilfred Magana. Read More
Foreign Embassies located in Belize
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Austrian Consulate in Belize City, Belize Consulate of Austria in Belize City, Belize No. 16 Regent Street Belize City, Belize City: Belize City Phone: (+501) 22 770 70 Fax: (+501) 22 755 93 Email: Barbadian Consulate in Belize, Beliz... Read More
What is the Belize election process?
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The election process in Belize is quite comprehensive. Whenever a new voter is registered in a division, or a voter transfers from one division to another, that is published in the Gazette and can be objected to by either party. It is then challenged... Read More
What is the form of government?
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Belize has been an Independent nation since 1981 and is a Member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Queen Elizabeth II is Head of State. Belize is a parliamentary democracy with two major political parties, the United Democratic Party (UDP) and ... Read More
What is the amount of Belize’s total national debt?
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As of March 2011, Belize’s total national debt (both external and domestic) was U.S. $1.0156 billion, an amount equivalent to approximately 75.3% of GDP Read More
Contacting Post Office: Hi, I recently sent a REGISTERED Letter and NEED to know if it was picked up. Does S.P. PO have an EMAIL???
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No computer, no e-mail at the post office.  The phone number I havefor the PO is as follows - 206-2260. Just in case you don't know what to expect time-wise - 2weeks from US or Canada to Belize, then recipient needs to call forthe mail, then the... Read More
Belize Election Law
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Elections in Belize are the duly held elections held at various levels of government in the nation of Belize. Dissolving elected bodies is broken down in the following order:- The Legislature: Dissolving the National Assembly of Belize is the preroga... Read More
What are the schools in San Pedro?
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Clck the link below for information on the schools: Read More
Does Belize have property tax?
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Yes,  but almost nothing.  My Placencia house was US$50.00 per year. Read More
Legal Issues and Belize Law
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The Belize Legal Information Network has many Belizean laws online, at To search for a particular subject, here's the link to their search function: Read More
What does it takes to get a voter ID?
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When we got to the voters registration office on Middle street, it was very fast. They confirmed that both of us had been in Belize the required amount of time then we filled out paperwork, they took our pictures and wanted passport copies. Since Shi... Read More
Is there a burning season in Belize or a time when not allowed to burn?
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Regarding burning outdoors in a development.  I am hoping there are limits (rules and regulations) on burning. No burning in the dry season.... For more information, try these links from Chapter 117 Fire (Negligent Use of) Ac... Read More