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What to Pack for a Week of Adventure in Belize
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So you’ve got your ticket booked and you’ve bookmarked all the adventures you want to experience in Belize: exploring sacred Mayan caves, tubing along a lazy river and horseback riding past an ancient Maya city. But now you’re star... Read More
Are there any limits on wine and spirits brought into Belize for personal use?
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You are legally allowed to bring 1 liter per person, but as a practical matter if you have an extra bottle or two usually the customs official doesn't say anything. You can bring in more but they can charge duty.For further information on customs cl... Read More
What should I bring?
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Here are my mandatories, for a group of 6: passports cash/ travellers checks/credit cards dive cards a half gallon of super good lotion, the same of #4 and #30 weight sunblock (we mix for the ones in between), and at least a quart of aloe vera. some... Read More
Can we bring in foods from the US?
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Yes, but meat must be wrapped and have a USDA stamp on it, and some duty will apply. Read More