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Do you have a list of Belize Jungle Lodges?
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Jungle Lodges in Belize Click here for a map of the Jungle Lodges in Belize. Click here for a LARGER version of that map. Orange Walk DistrictChan Chich LodgeHill Bank Field StationLa Milpa LodgeLamanai Outpost LodgeBelize DistrictBird’s ... Read More
What is a good way to get around town?
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Taxi’s are available at the airport and the water taxi docks. Fares are BZ$5.00 ($2.50 US) plus tip. Water taxi’s to major resorts not situated in town are supplied by their respective resorts or can be reached with the Island Ferry. One ... Read More
I will be staying in Ambergris and I have a plane leaving from Cancun. What should I do to reach Cancun airport on time (plane/bus/car) ?
Viewed 15912 times since Thu, Jun 18, 2009
Basically you need to get to Cancun through Corozal Belize and then Chetumal Mexico. Maya Island Air will start flying to Cancun, Guatemala City, and Honduras next month. The airline announced that it is going regional on July 8th. That’s when... Read More
Does anyone know the schedule for the ferry going up north?
Viewed 15267 times since Thu, Dec 7, 2006
For water taxis to get around the island, Coastal Xpressis who you need! The Coastal Xpressis Ambergris Cayes premiere ferry and private water taxi service offering private water taxi and charter service to all coastal locations in northern Belize, a... Read More
Is the bridge in San Pedro a toll bridge, and if so, how much does it cost??
Viewed 14057 times since Wed, Feb 4, 2009
It is a toll bridge and costs $10BZ … you get a ticket … that ticket is your return …$5 to go $5 to come back…$10 total… A monthly pass is $150 bz. Read More
What is it like to drive in Belize? Is it safe?
Viewed 13456 times since Fri, Oct 10, 2014
I am getting this question often from travelers-nearly everyone flies into Belize International Airport, and from there, you can rent a car. If you are going to the Cayes, you can take the water taxi or a puddle jumper flight (Tropic or Maya Air), if... Read More
How does one get from San Pedro to Cayo? I want to spend a few days in the jungle.
Viewed 12327 times since Mon, Dec 4, 2006
Certainly one of the most common questions you hear from visitors is how to get to Cayo -- either from the international airport or the Municipal airport downtown in Belize City. From San Pedro, it's easier to fly into Municipal and a little bit chea... Read More
We are considering a sail charter to Belize. Is it better to charter from San Pedro or Placencia or other mainland ports?
Viewed 11011 times since Tue, Dec 5, 2006
AC is generally just a start and end (if you do a round trip) point for charters. AC has much better provisioning opportunities than PLA, it's hard to get even the basics at times down there.As for the sailing and snorkeling, the snorkeling from San ... Read More
Tips for travelling by bus in Belize
Viewed 10385 times since Mon, Sep 2, 2013
Belize is a very small country with a very small population (about 325,000 people) and relatively few highways. The greatest country width (east to west) is 68 miles. And length only 170 miles! It’s one of the coolest coolest COOLEST things abo... Read More
What is the best way to travel by air between San Pedro and Honduras or Belize City and Honduras?
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Atlantic Air flies out of Belize to San Pedro Sula Honduras - that is the easiest way or take Taca via El Salvador. To contact Atlantic, In Belize you may call 225 -2045 and ask for the Taca Ticket counter - they take care of Atlantic in Belize Read More
We would like to rent a small boat or skiff (motorized) but have not been able to find a rental source. Can you help us?
Viewed 9911 times since Tue, Dec 5, 2006
No one rents boats without a captain. too many coral patches to run into. Read More
Flights to Belize & Flight Schedules
Viewed 9868 times since Tue, Sep 6, 2016
If you’re a traveler interested in coming to Belize, then surely you’ve poured over the research on flights to Belize. You’ve probably looked up all the attractions, done your fair share of reading on and about hotels (or a¬†Belizea... Read More
The Best Airlines in Belize
Viewed 8360 times since Wed, Jun 1, 2016
  Whether it be for business or pleasure, you definitely have the option to choose one of the best airlines in Belize. We all enjoy being somewhere different from the norm, different from our home country. Whilst we can take a road trip to reach tha... Read More
Do you need insurance on a golf cart, and what do i do if i have an accident in one?
Viewed 8319 times since Sun, Jun 5, 2011
Insurance on Golf Carts All golf carts must have third party insurance if they are driven on the roads in San Pedro. If you are involved in an accident which is not your fault, there are one of two two things that should be done immediately. 1. Tak... Read More
How and where do i apply for a golf cart permit?
Viewed 7114 times since Fri, Apr 4, 2008
The application for a vehicle permit can be picked up at the traffic office, or downloaded from the attachments list below. It needs to be submitted to the traffic office, which is currently located in the DFC subdivision. You go past the cement bloc... Read More
What are the the requirements for a local residents to apply for a motorized vehicle permit?
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Go to the traffic committee chairman - Milo Paz - and apply for permit. Youcan get anything but cars trucks etc. The traffic department is currently located in the DFC subdivision. You go past the cement block factory and look for the security compan... Read More
How do you get a golf cart permit?
Viewed 6576 times since Thu, May 17, 2012
Our golf cart was shipped over to Belize back in March, but we have not been able to drive the golf cart yet because we were waiting to get a golf cart permit. Bill turned in the completed application and paid the $50.00BZ application fee six wee... Read More
International flights to and from Belize
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Currently Belize has the following active routes. Service frequency levels vary according to the time of year. Several major airlines have daily direct flights from the United States and Central American gateways. All coordinated with European and C... Read More
Can you give me an update on the north road paving?
Viewed 5871 times since Thu, Apr 23, 2015
We are staying at La Terrazas in December 2015 and want to know how far you think the paved road will have been finished by then. Concrete road goes as far as Belizean Shores, with no plans to go farther. New good quality aggregate road is to begin ... Read More
Belize Transportation Guide
Viewed 4953 times since Thu, Feb 25, 2016
The Definitive guide of what to, and what not to do when traveling within Belize Travelling to a brand new country can be seriously daunting, heck, even travelling around in a country you’ve already been to can be an intimidating endeavour in ... Read More
Which would be the most convenient way to get to the resort from the airport or water taxi terminal?
Viewed 4610 times since Tue, Jul 26, 2016
We will be arriving in San Pedro by water taxi on 8/20. Which would be the most convenient way to get to the resort? After reading several articles, I'm not quite sure what plans/reservations to make. I have read that this is not peak time on the isl... Read More
Ambergris Caye Vehicle Permits
Viewed 4214 times since Wed, Dec 4, 2013
Please be advised goat before purchasing a vehicle, you must apply for a VEHICLE PERMIT with the Ambergris Caye Traffic Control Committee (ACTCC). If you have already purchased a vehicle and do not have a permit, it is NOT GUARANTEED that you will b... Read More
What are the best ways to travel around Belize?
Viewed 4059 times since Mon, Aug 19, 2013
Getting around Belize is relatively easy and part of the adventure. Travelers can navigate the country by plane, bus, car, boat or horse, that’s right, horse. Below is a list of the many ways to discover our great country. We hope to see you so... Read More
Motorcycles that make too much noise
Viewed 1104 times since Wed, May 9, 2018
The Traffic Dept' has received several complaints about some motorcycles that make too much noise, the owners of these motorcycles are reminded that it is an offense to operate any motor vehicle that makes too much noise (this also includes play... Read More