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I’ve been to the Customs and Duties website and can find no information on the duties and taxes imposed on the importation of boats, specifically sailboats, canoes, and kayaks. Does anyone know why?
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Call Steve Kuylen (pronounced Kway-lon) at the Border. 501-422-3869 Read More
Do you have a guestimate of what it would cost to ship a small pickup or vehicle to Belize?
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It usually costs about $800.00 to ship a vehicle from Miami to most of Central America.  Some companies will actually pick it up at your door and containerize it for shipment while others require that you drop it off at a port.Shipping costs are... Read More
What do I need to do to pass through customs?
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After deplaning from your flight at Philip Goldson International Airport just proceed to customs. More often than not, a customs officer will open your bags, or ask you to do so. Personal effects can be brought in without difficulty. A departure tax... Read More
Are there any limits on wine and spirits brought into Belize for personal use?
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You are legally allowed to bring 1 liter per person, but as a practical matter if you have an extra bottle or two usually the customs official doesn't say anything. You can bring in more but they can charge duty.For further information on customs cl... Read More
What is the duty on bottles of wine over and above the duty free limit?
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From a traveller... We just got back from Belize and here is what happened at the international airport in Belize City: 1. I had four bottles of wine in my suitcase and just passed through customs with no problem. They did not open the suitcases and ... Read More