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I’ve been to the Customs and Duties website and can find no information on the duties and taxes imposed on the importation of boats, specifically sailboats, canoes, and kayaks. Does anyone know why?
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Call Steve Kuylen (pronounced Kway-lon) at the Border. 501-422-3869 Read More
We need for someone to give us info about flying into Belize. Procedure getting into Ambergris from Belize City. Fees, available tie-down for general aviation, security for parked aircraft for a week.
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For private flights intending to do local flying in our country the following documents need to be presented to the Department of Civil Aviation upon the aircraft’s arrival at the P.S.W. Goldson International Airport: Pilots Licence, a valid... Read More
Is there a shipping service from the USA Gulf States to Belize for an automobile-- passenger car ?
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Most people drive their cars over from the States; that's the cheapest way. There are 3 shipping companies operating from Houston and Miami, but they mainly ship containers; The cheapest is from Miami: Hyde shipping. From Houston Concord shipp... Read More
What is the immigration policy in Belize?
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The Ministry of National Security and Immigration has given careful consideration to the existing laws governing immigration and nationality. It is felt that there is an urgent need to further strengthen the Immigration Act to deter the incidence of ... Read More
The Top 11 Reasons to Invest in Belize
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Stability Belize has a stable, democratic government, the economy in Belize is stable and balanced, the currency is pegged to the US dollar, the legal system is based on the British legal framework, and Belize is still an independent member of the Br... Read More
What can you tell me about the Belize Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Program (QRP)?
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Thinking about a tropical island to get away? Belize offers the best on Retirement Programs. The Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) Incentive Program is one of the most renowned immigration programs in Belize. Choosing to retire in Belize allows you to ... Read More
Jobs: Belize – typical sectors & locations
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Jobs in Belize refer to the various employment opportunities that are available to the people present in the country. You can know more about these job opportunities by browsing through the employment sites that are many online. These sites provide c... Read More
Belize Immigration
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Belize Tourist Card This is the easiest way to spend time in Belize. You can get a one month entry card when you land in Belize (or when you drive over the border from one of the neighboring countries). The first Belize Tourist Card installment is fr... Read More
Why Do Expats Fall in Love with Belize?
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Recent years have seen expats flocking to Belize at an ever-increasing rate. While it’s long been a favorite of scuba divers and explorers, what is it about this Central American nation that’s brought it onto the radar of people looking t... Read More
What are the Basic Expenses in Belize Retirement?
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Belize is a sanctuary preferred by different retirees. Many residents have fallen in love with this place and they do exclaim their happy life by showing pictures of their tropical life. Retirement in Belize may be the best option to choose but befor... Read More
Immigration - Belize Digital Border Crossing Card Application Form
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Save yourselves a trip to the Santa Elena border by opening and printing the attached application form in legal size paper 8.5" x 14". Copy and paste to your word doc. file and set your page size to legal. Below is a small version. click the image be... Read More
Immigration Procedures for Students: Where do non-Belizean students go to obtain "student visas/permits" to study in Belize?
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I would first ask your school in Belize what is required for persons coming to Belize to study from whatever country.  Or the Belize embassy or consulate wherever you live.   The Belize Tourism Board should have that info too.  http:/... Read More
Moving to Belize
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From its secluded beaches to its steamy rain forests, Belize is a country of diverse natural beauty. Its slow pace of life makes it a popular tourist destination, and cost of living is still low. For the more adventurous traveler, activities can incl... Read More
Belize QRP incentive program
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I am seriously considering the QRP program.I am aware of the fees involved in submitting an application as well as obtaining the status. However, I would like to know if there are fees attached to the annual renewal of the card and proof of income.&n... Read More
Frequently Asked Questions About the Qualified Retirement Program (QRP) in Belize
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The Qualified Retired Persons  program is designed to attract more retirees to Belize by promoting retiring in Belize. In 1999, legislation was passed (Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Act) to make this process as painless as possible for the... Read More
Retiring in Belize
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If you are considering Retiring in Belize, then this article is for you. We have written a number of articles on information on Belize that you may be interested in. We have articles on moving to Belize. There are articles on immigration, prices, etc... Read More
Stay in Belize with a Belize Work Permit
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It is mandatory for you to have a passport in order to visit Belize. The passport should be valid for six months at least beyond the extent of your stay there. On arriving at Belize, you will be given a thirty days visa and an extension up to si... Read More
Permanent Residency application
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Question: Friends went through the police interview component of the Permanent Residency application yesterday. At the end of the interview, they (the police) were insistent they had to come and inspect their house. Friends put them off as they had n... Read More
How long /number of days can a USA citizen stay/visit before having to notify the Belize government and file immigration papers?
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Every 30 days you go to immigration and pay to stay another month. You can also renew for 2-3 months at a time. You have to be sure you tell them so they will fill out 2-3 papers for you to pay. Check your passport before you leave immigration. Some ... Read More