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Belize Fast Facts - FAQ
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CLICK HERE for a PDF by the Belize Tourist Board, a quick guide to Belize. It is 2.5mb and eight pages, featuring sections on: Belize Fast Facts Traveling To Belize Adventure For All Belize By Region Belize Cuisine Belizean Culture Read More
What is the population of Belize, and the breakdown by districts?
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Here are some statistics District and Subdivisions Total % Males % Females % Country Total 291,800 100.0 147,400 50.5 144,400 49.5 Urban 146,600 50.2 72,200 49.2 74,400 50.8 Rural 145,200 49.8 75,200 51.8 70,000 48.2 Corozal 35,500 12.2 17,... Read More
What is the population on Ambergris Caye?
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The population is somewhere between 15,000 - 20,000. Caye Caulker is around 4,000 -5,000. Officially, they are lower. But these numbers are closer to reality as of January 2007. Read More
What is a general description of the island?
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Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize. Belize lies on the Eastern or Caribbean coast of Central America, bordered on the North by Mexico, on the West and South by Guatemala and on the East by the Caribbean Sea. It is separated by sea from i... Read More
Why Do Expats Fall in Love with Belize?
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Recent years have seen expats flocking to Belize at an ever-increasing rate. While it’s long been a favorite of scuba divers and explorers, what is it about this Central American nation that’s brought it onto the radar of people looking t... Read More
What is the size of Belize in square km?
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Belize is 22, 965 sq Km, including 689 Sq Km of Offshore Cayes Read More
What is the proper way to refer to the Maya? Maya or Mayans?
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Many people misuse these three terms, assuming that “Maya” is a singular noun, “Mayas” a plural noun, and “Mayan” an adjective. The fact is, the word “Maya” should be used in all three of the above situations. Here are some specific examples showing ... Read More