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What are the basic laws on gun ownership in Belize? How are weapons classified(shotgun, rifle, handgun)? Is ammunition registered?
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Belizean laws are very restrictive and even harder to imoprt your own weapons. Certain calibers are totally illegal. There are a couple of shooting ranges in the country. The cost is $500 per permit per weapon. A single shot 20 gauge sells for over 5... Read More
Hunting seasons for game meat in Belize
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If stewed Gibnut is favorite meal for you, make the most of it this month in December because come Jan 1st the season to hunt and eat it is closed until June 1st when season reopens. Be responsible and only buy your game meat from licensed hunters or... Read More
Gun Ownership In Belize
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First, let me give you all a little background on my personal thoughts on gun ownership. I was raised in a very rural area in the Appalachian Mountains...a little ridge known to local folks as Laurel Ridge. I had the most beautiful and safe childhood... Read More
What all will it take to qualify to bring my 2 bolt action rifles and 1 handgun into Belize for residency?
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Can’t happen ... sell the guns in the USA. Can’t bring then in as police wont issue import permit. Read More
Crime, Safety, And Gun Ownership In Belize
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Creole Proverb: Wen teef teef fram teef, God laff. Translation: When a thief steals from another thief, God laughs. Belize can be a wonderful sun- and fun-filled place to live, but, like anywhere, there are some things to be aware of. Unlike Mexico,... Read More
Are their gun clubs in Belize?
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The Gun Law in Belize is very restrictive. It is not a right to own a gun here. You have to undergo a rigorous procedure to qualify. In order for gun sporting clubs to be given a licence, the organization must undergo a very laborious procedure. Beli... Read More
Gun License Fees To Be Increased
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In an effort to minimize the number of illegal firearm and ammunition currently on the streets of our country, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Belize Police Department today issued an advisory to all gun dealers and holders informing them of new... Read More