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Belize Fishing Regulations
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Why you should Care . Fisheries Stocks are declining globally the ocean is not the unlimited resource we once thought it was. Many Scientists are predicting a complete collapse in the next 50 years. While Belize is better off than some countries, ... Read More
Do you have a list of Belize Jungle Lodges?
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Jungle Lodges in Belize Click here for a map of the Jungle Lodges in Belize. Click here for a LARGER version of that map. Orange Walk DistrictChan Chich LodgeHill Bank Field StationLa Milpa LodgeLamanai Outpost LodgeBelize DistrictBird’s ... Read More
Who are the best fishing guides?
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FISHING GUIDES: There are many trememdous fishing guides in San Pedro, some are listed below. CLICK HERE for the most comprehensive list The Bradleys are incredible guides, George Bradley does the flats, Geraldo Bradley does reef fishing as well as... Read More
Is a fishing license required in Belize?
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If you’re going fishing, you need a license. Even if you’re going to be in a boat with someone who is fishing, but you’re not fishing yourself, you still need a license. Even if you’ll be fishing from shore, you need a license... Read More
How do you catch lobsters if not with a trap?
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We use a 'hook stick'  and snag em – the hook is a very large fishhook lashed on to end of thin fiberglass rod. Read More
What is the law on spearfishing?
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Spear fishing guns are legal only free diving. No tanks allowed when using spear guns. Big fines and prison terms if caught using with tanks. Also, it is totally ILLEGAL with scuba equipment or any type of fishing equipment within Marine Reserves and... Read More
Are piers public?
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I am looking for information regarding dock / pier law... I am hoping your long time experience might point me in the correct direction. Additionally, I do not want to spend money on an attorney unnecessarily... Specifically, I have a man who is park... Read More
Sea Urchins and Sea Cucumbers: Request for Harvest Data/Information
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I'm looking for, and interested in, any information you could direct me to on current laws regarding the harvest of sea urchins and sea cucumbers in Belize. The last time I was down there in 2010, it seemed the government of Belize had legalized the ... Read More
Common questions regarding fishing from shore in Belize
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Q. What fish can you catch from shore? A. Mostly bonefish. We have mass schools of bonefish that feed in the turtle grass on our shores. In fact, walking either north or south along the beach with wading shoes will provide ample opportunities for c... Read More
How much should I tip when I hire a fishing guide?
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$50.00 to 100.00 USD per day is the norm. Read More
Should I obtain a Sport Fishing License from CZMAI web site or locally on AC
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It is by law now here in Belize to obtain a sportfishing license for all tourists intending to come and sport fish. It is better to buy it here while on the island. You can do that at the Tres Pescados office on Pescador Drive in San Pedro or you can... Read More
Seafood Guide to Belize
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Seafood Guide to Belize: Closed seasons, banned catches, size and catch limits, Special laws and permits. Why you Should Care.  Fisheries Stocks are declining globally the ocean is not the unlimited resource we once thought it was. Many Scientists ... Read More
What is the fishing like?
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The waters around Ambergris Caye offer a great variety of saltwater fishing. Most types of fish, including bone fish and tarpon, can be caught year-round. Within 15 minutes of leaving the dock, you can be fishing in tidal flats or in blue water hundr... Read More
When is conch season?
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Conch season is closed from 07/01 to 09/30. Read More
Can you fish without a boat?
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Many fishing operators will tell you that it’s impossible to fish from the beaches in Belize and that you must have a boat to go fishing in Belize. This simply is not absolute. There are several limestone bottom flats that can be waded for bone... Read More
When is lobster season?
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Lobster season is closed from 02/15 to 06/15. Read More
How is the fishing in San Pedro & Belize?
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Belize is a mecca for those interested in fishing. An kinds of fishing spin, fly, trolling - can be experienced all year long, and the abundance of game fish guarantees excellent sport. The estuaries, inlets and mouths to the many rivers are known fo... Read More
Fishing Licensing Schedule 2014
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The Fisheries Department hereby informs the PUBLIC that it will start the renewal of fisher folk licenses for 2015 on December 01st 2014. More Information on License Requirements, Renewals, Boat Licenses and Card Renewal are available at this link: ... Read More
Is live bait available?
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Sharks Tackle has two stores in town and sells bait. Frozen, not live. All the guides catch their own live bait. Read More
What should I bring to go fishing in Belize?
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What should you pack for your Belize fishing adventure? Listed below are some essentials we suggest for all fishermen not accustomed to the intense heat and tropical sun. These items will ensure your Belize fishing adventure is as enjoyable on the la... Read More
I am planning a vacation trip to the Ambergris Caye area and I am an avid spearfisherman. Is spearfishing still legal in this area? Also what are the special regulations if any in this area for shore fishing?
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Spearfishing is quite legal still here in Belize as long as it is not done while scuba diving. You can snorkle and spear fish around the reefs. Nassau grouper has it’s regulation size, and parrot fish of all kinds, together with angel fish is c... Read More
Is a fishing license required to fish from a pier or dock?
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We will be visiting San Pedro, again in February 2015. There has been some contradictory evidence about fishing licenses. I would like to fish off of the resort's dock/pier - is a license required? Ok this is from a good friend who fishes a lo... Read More
Caye Caulker fishing guides
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I have been visiting Ambergris for some time and Fly fish the flats with a local guide who has become a friend, my wife and I discovered Caye Caulker last week and love it, do you know any of the local flats guides at Caulker? I dont like to go thru ... Read More
How much is a pound of conch bought from a fisherman these days?
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You can get it for between $8-10 at the co-op when the guys come in. You still have to clean it and remove the skin. Read More
Is there a place to rent fishing rods on Caye Caulker?
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Nature Tours on pier at Costa Maya Beach Cabanas. Read More
spear fishing around docks where tourists swim
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We swim out around the dock and have noticed people with spear guns i the same area. Is there a regulation regarding spearfishing around swimming areas in front of resorts? No there are not regulations that I have heard of about this... Read More
Can eating big fish make you sick at some times of the year?
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Have always heard to not eat big fish in August, like barracuda and grouper. That was common knowledge when a child. My husband will only eat it in specific seasons because yes...reef fish can really make you sick at the wrong times.   August 1, 2017... Read More