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Are there ATM’s?
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All four banks have ATMs at most of their branches. For example, Belize Bank has ATMs at nine of its eleven branches. You can use your ATM/check card to get cash (in Belize $) from the Belize Bank on Front Street. It works 24/7. You do have to put y... Read More
What’s the best way to get cash on AC if you run out?
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You can use a credit card to get a draw from a local bank. They give you cash and charge against your credit card. Read More
How do you open an Offshore Bank account in Belize?
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It seems that Belize is most popular for two reasons, one, the Great Blue Hole and two, Offshore Banking. At least that’s what I often get when I introduce myself to strangers in the US or Canada. Here’s how it usually goes: “Oh you... Read More
What banking services are available?
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There are several banks on the island. Atlantic Bank Limited : Phone is 226-2195. Fax is 226-2513 Belize Bank Limited : Phone is +501-226-2482. Fax is 226-2131 Alliance Bank Of Belize : Read More
Do you have general information on the banking system of Belize?
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Click here for information about the money and the banking system in Belize. Includes guides on  monetary policies, exchange rates, the Central Bank of Belize, and more. Read More
Do you have email addresses for the banks in town?
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Atlantic Bank Limited : Belize Bank Limited : Alliance Bank Of Belize : Bank Of Nova Scotia : First Caribbean International Bank :  justin.nicholas@... Read More
Are debit cards accepted the same as credit cards? I have a visa card, but it is not a credit card. Just debit.
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Yes they work the same..... Read More
Helpful Tips for ATM use at Belize Banks
Viewed 5701 times since Tue, Jul 26, 2016
You may or may not know that there is an an issue happening with foreign bank cards and ATM service in the Belize Banks right now. If you are an expat or traveler this applies to you. This information could save you from a few heart palpitations and ... Read More
Belizean International Banks
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There are a number of International banks in Belize. We have compiled a short list of these Belizean International Banks: Atlantic International Bank Limited Corner Cleghorn Street & Freetown Road P.O. Box 481Belize City, Belize, C.A. Telephone N... Read More
What is the difference between Atlantic Bank and Atlantic International Bank Limited. Can you tell me how the areas of Atlantic Bank are different? What each specializes in?
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We are two completely different banks.  Atlantic Bank Ltd. is a domestic bank and AIBL is an offshore bank.  Atlantic Bank also does not have any ownership interest in AIBL.  I know the names make it confusing and the me... Read More
Belize Banking and ATM Fees
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Banking in a foreign country can often seem like the crooked sticks in my featured image above. It does not always make sense. Thankfully somehow everything manages to come out straight in the end and you get your money for the most part. Since my wr... Read More
Which banks allow paypal payment?
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I work online fulltime and most of my customers want to pay me via Paypal. Which bank offers that service because so far all the CSR I have asked just gives me a blank looked and don‘t‘ know what to do or say. Hi, I know that Paypal works... Read More
What the ATM situation on Caye Caulker?
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There is an ATM at Atlantic Bank but it often runs out of money over the weekend in high season or during a holiday/long weekend. If you visit the bank there is a door on your left just before entering the bank, where two machines are inside that lit... Read More
I’m curious what bank you choose to bank with in Belize? Is there one in particular that stands above the rest?
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Atlantic Bank is the only bank approved to recieve US social security funds. Atlantic Bank, not Atlantic International. Here is a link to their website. Atlantic International is good for wiring funds from any US bank, direct deposit from IRA’s... Read More