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Do you have a list of Belize Jungle Lodges?
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Jungle Lodges in Belize Click here for a map of the Jungle Lodges in Belize. Click here for a LARGER version of that map. Orange Walk DistrictChan Chich LodgeHill Bank Field StationLa Milpa LodgeLamanai Outpost LodgeBelize DistrictBird’s ... Read More
Do you have an idea of what the pay scale is for various jobs in Belize?
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Belize Pay Scale as of 2009 Belize Draft Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for fiscal year 2009/10: APPENDIX D NEW PAY SCALE 1 6816 x 456 – $15,480 Job Title:- Caretaker/Office Assistant (Educ) Domestic Helper(Hum. Dev/Fire) Janitor (I/Tax &... Read More
Belize Fast Facts - FAQ
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CLICK HERE for a PDF by the Belize Tourist Board, a quick guide to Belize. It is 2.5mb and eight pages, featuring sections on: Belize Fast Facts Traveling To Belize Adventure For All Belize By Region Belize Cuisine Belizean Culture Read More
The Top 11 Reasons to Invest in Belize
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Stability Belize has a stable, democratic government, the economy in Belize is stable and balanced, the currency is pegged to the US dollar, the legal system is based on the British legal framework, and Belize is still an independent member of the Br... Read More
What are the legal steps to starting a business in Belize?
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Few people would disagree that Belize must increase its rate of economic growth more dramatically, and in a sustainable way. One of the obvious ways in which Belize can do that is by encouraging entrepreneurship. Beltraide, through its Small Business... Read More
How do i pay my property taxes? I have not received notice of them being due.
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You can write, call (501-226-2198) or email ( to the San Pedro Town Board, give them the lot number and  subdivision name. Read More
Starting A Business In Belize
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Whether it’s large or small, starting a business in Belize is a great idea. The type and size of your business all depends on your target market. If you’re catering to local Belizeans, bear in mind that the country has a small population ... Read More
What are business hours?
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Most businesses open at 8:00 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm with the exception of restaurants. Most restaurants close around 2:00 (to prepare for the dinner hour) and re-open about 5:00 - 6:00. Note that almost all of the restaurants on the island... Read More
Is there a silk screener on the island
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Not to my knowledge - the only ones are on the mainland.  Go Graphics, Advanced Advertising and I think there are a couple in Cayo. Read More
How to Buy Property in Belize
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For anyone looking to buy property in Belize, this guide gives a first class starting point Steps 1 Why Belize? 2 Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America and has retained strong links with the UK.The country still recognises... Read More
Accounting Records (Maintenance) Act 2013
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Belize has recently passed the Accounting Records (Maintenance) Act in a bid to improve the country’s legal and regulatory framework. In accordance with the Act, every entity shall keep its accounting records at any of the following locations: ... Read More
Doing business or investing in Belize
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Anyone interested in doing business or investing in Belize should first complete a thorough process of due diligence and investigate potential partners using a variety of information sources. Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service in Guatemala is ... Read More
Doing Business in Belize
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Overview Belize is a culturally diverse nation linking the Caribbean and Central American regional markets.  Belize is a member of the Caribbean Community Single Market and Economy (CSME) as well as the Central American Integration System (SICA)... Read More
Is there a cleaning service on the island?
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A residential and janitorial cleaning services is now servicing many residences, condos and office spaces throughout Ambergris Caye. When was the last time you gave your space a thorough CLEAN?  CALL US TODAY for a FREE quote and more detai... Read More
Are there any business groups / associations in San Pedro. Also do any affiliations such as Rotary , Kiwanis or Lions meet on the island.
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There has been a Chamber of Commerce in the past, none currently. There is a Lions Club on the island... they have a nice place downtown. San Pedro Lions ClubPh#: 226-2477 Meets 1st & 3rd Sundays. Visiting Lions welcome! The Lions Club San Pedro ... Read More
Quick Facts on Labor
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Click here for a PDF on Labour in Belize Read More