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Are pet birds allowed in Belize?

I have answered this question at the bottom of my rant. To bring a bird to Belize, one needs health documents (recent physical,blood test,etc) and there is a quarantine period (30 days) but it is a home quarantine. Interestingly enough, we sp... Read More

Belize Dog Act, Law for dogs in public places

Notice to the General Public DOGS ACT CHAPTER 153 REVISED EDITION 2000 SHOWING THE LAW AS AT 31ST DECEMBER, 2000 This is a revised edition of the law. prepared by the Law Revision Commissioner under the authority of the Law Revision Act. Chapter ... Read More

Captive parrot licensing program

Just in case anyone is unaware of the captive parrot licensing program run by the Forest department. All indigenous captive parrots in Belize require a permit. The permitting program will end January 1st 2015. The permits last from the day of issue ... Read More

Do you have a phone number to contact wildlife rescue folks?

The phone number 0800 822 8888 is for the Wildlife Advice Hotline, run by the group Belize Wildlife Conservation Network. It’s a free number for people to call about problem or nuisance wildlife or to ask questions or report illegal activities ... Read More

How do you handle a crocodile?

The thing to do with small crocs to reduce stress is to flip them on their backs. then stroke the underside of the jaw down to the belly. The crocodile will very quickly go into a trance-like state and you can just pick them up and move them about ve... Read More

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