Are there ATM’s?

All four banks have ATMs at most of their branches. For example, Belize Bank has ATMs at nine of its eleven branches. You can use your ATM/check card to get cash (in Belize $) from the Belize Bank on Front Street. It works 24/7. You do have to put y... Read More

Belize Banking and ATM Fees

Banking in a foreign country can often seem like the crooked sticks in my featured image above. It does not always make sense. Thankfully somehow everything manages to come out straight in the end and you get your money for the most part. Since my wr... Read More

Belizean International Banks

There are a number of International banks in Belize. We have compiled a short list of these Belizean International Banks: Atlantic International Bank Limited Corner Cleghorn Street & Freetown Road P.O. Box 481Belize City, Belize, C.A. Telephone N... Read More

Do you have email addresses for the banks in town?

Atlantic Bank Limited : Belize Bank Limited : Alliance Bank Of Belize : Bank Of Nova Scotia : First Caribbean International Bank :  justin.nicholas@... Read More

Helpful Tips for ATM use at Belize Banks

You may or may not know that there is an an issue happening with foreign bank cards and ATM service in the Belize Banks right now. If you are an expat or traveler this applies to you. This information could save you from a few heart palpitations and ... Read More

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