List of Belize’s Traffic Violations

The following is a list of Belize's Traffic violations, please take note that applicable violations will be enforced more strictly at routine checkpoints through the collaborative effort of the Police & Traffic Department. Thank You!   Read More

Motorcycle helmet laws

Following a serious incident on Angel Coral Street Friday night, the San Pedro Traffic Department will now be strictly enforcing the Motorcycle helmet laws. Despite repeated requests by the Mayor on Reef TV about the wearing of helmets and the carryi... Read More

Motorcycles that make too much noise

The Traffic Dept' has received several complaints about some motorcycles that make too much noise, the owners of these motorcycles are reminded that it is an offense to operate any motor vehicle that makes too much noise (this also includes playing m... Read More

Overnight parking a car when in Belize

We will be driving through Belize in a couple of weeks (Mexico to Guatemala) and we're wondering if there are any safe places to park/store our car for a few days while we check out one of the islands. Vista Storage in Ladyville secure parking 2... Read More

School crossings

Note that the speed bump that is across the road from Tropic to Sancas, is a pedestrian crossing, the children have told us that they are scared to use it because drivers do not stop for them. This is totally unexceptable, Children are to be given pr... Read More

School Zones

Drivers please slow down and take extra care when passing a school during times when the children are entering or leaving school. Be patient and give our kids a chance to cross the streets safely. A few extra minutes added to your trip is better th... Read More

What dealerships can you buy a car at in Belize?

there are dealerships for almost all of the major U.S., Japanese, Korean brands and some European.  They can work on today's cars ... at some price.New Car Dealers In Belize Chrysler         Bravo Motors... Read More

What does it take to get my Belize driver’s license?

First a written test that must be studied...not the same as US rules. Then, a driving test. All administered bottom floor of the Town Hall. The written test had a lot of question which street had yield to which on the round abouts in Belize City. Unf... Read More

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