Field Guide to the island

Bow Ownership

Good morning, I will be visiting Belize and staying in Aguacate with a Mayan family friend. I would like to give him a bow as a present. I read the gun laws and did not see any restriction on bows. Can you please shed on light on the subject. Thank... Read More

Getting rid of gecko’s

Anyone have eradication protocols for geckos? Our log house has encouraged too many to leave their calling cards on the floors, in the closets and kitchen cabinets. Heretofore in Belize ,they have manifested themselves as an unobtrusive side sho... Read More

What are the geographical coordinates of Belize?

Latitude of Belize: 17º15� North of the Equator Longitude of Belize: 88º45� West of Greenwich Locations   Latitude   Longitude Ambergris Caye 17.947381N 87.95517W Belize City 17.49... Read More

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