What does it takes to get a voter ID?

When we got to the voters registration office on Middle street, it was very fast. They confirmed that both of us had been in Belize the required amount of time then we filled out paperwork, they took our pictures and wanted passport copies. Since Shi... Read More

What is the Belize election process?

The election process in Belize is quite comprehensive. Whenever a new voter is registered in a division, or a voter transfers from one division to another, that is published in the Gazette and can be objected to by either party. It is then challenged... Read More

What is the form of government?

Belize has been an Independent nation since 1981 and is a Member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Queen Elizabeth II is Head of State. Belize is a parliamentary democracy with two major political parties, the United Democratic Party (UDP) and ... Read More

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