List of Registered Doctors in Belize & their specialty

This is the official listing of doctors duly registered to practice medicine in Belize and their specialty. This year all doctors employed within the public sector have been duly registered. CLICK HERE for the list, a 275kb PDF Read More

Personal security in Belize

Belize is a small English-speaking nation in Central America that is sandwiched between Mexico and Guatemala. Once known as British Honduras, Belize gained independence from the UK in 1981, but retains strong commercial and diplomatic ties with both ... Read More

Requirements for International Transfer of Human Ashes

As this is being asked more frequently, notes on the importation of human ashes into Belize. Note also that the importation of cadavers must follow a due process and the relevant paperwork must be completed before either the body or ashes arrives at ... Read More

What medical and hyperbaric facilities are available in Belize?

As a small and developing country, Belize has limited medical facilities when compared to large countries such as the U.S. Still, major advances have been accomplished over the years – there are now two private hospitals and the national govern... Read More

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