Travel to Belize & Ambergris Caye

Ferry times

My husband and I fly into Belize at 4:00pm, and have to go thru customs and then taxi to the ferry. What is the latest ferry that will run that we can get tickets for? Are there other options if we can not catch a ferry with you on that day and time.... Read More

Flying from Belize to Cancun Mexico

Flying from Belize to Cancun Mexico was super easy and very fast compared to going by land or boat. We left Belize at 11:30 am and landed in Cancun at 1:15 pm. As we are leaving Philip Goldson International Airport, it was very overcast and gray, ear... Read More

How much time to allow for Covid-19 tests at the airport?

Need to book my Tropic Air flights as we arrive in 2 much time between arriving and taking Covid tests should I space out the flights. (we will try to be tested here but not sure I can get results in time) 2 hours. They’re good abo... Read More

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