Coming in by air

10 travel tips to navigate the Belize International Airport

Over the years, we have learned a ton from our own travel, and the questions and problems guests have had in getting here. Here are the top 10 tips we've learned on how to navigate the Belize airport and regional jet system like a pro! 1.) Tropic and... Read More

Aircraft Storage

I‘m looking to buy a remote piece of property in Belize and would like to fly from either Belize City or the International Airport to the property. Is there any long term aircraft storage facilities at either airport? Thank you. ===============... Read More

Current requirements for private aircraft landing: I am planning a trip in a private airplane, a Piper Cherokee 180 four seat airplane with a total of four of us flying in. What are the current requiremts? Do you know if I can stop in Mexico to refue

You will need Mexican insurance, through a Mexican agent, AOPA has information on providers. You will most likely have to pay a landing fee. Also, when you head north, you must stop first in Cozumel or Topachula on the Pacific to clear into Mexico (o... Read More

Do you have any flights from Cancun to Belize?

Maya Island Air will start flying to Cancun, Guatemala City, and Honduras next month. The airline announced that it is going regional on July 8th. That's when the airline will begin flying two return trips to Cancun daily and daily roundtrips to San ... Read More

Exit Fee

Can the exit fee be paid with MasterCard at the airport?If not, is there a bank machine where you can withdraw us$ in the airport? You will need to pay the exit fee in $US. Double check to see if it was paid on your plane ticket. There is an ATM in t... Read More

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