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Belize Transportation Guide

The Definitive guide of what to, and what not to do when traveling within Belize Travelling to a brand new country can be seriously daunting, heck, even travelling around in a country you’ve already been to can be an intimidating endeavour in ... Read More

Flights to Belize & Flight Schedules

If you’re a traveler interested in coming to Belize, then surely you’ve poured over the research on flights to Belize. You’ve probably looked up all the attractions, done your fair share of reading on and about hotels (or a┬áBelizea... Read More

How and where do i apply for a golf cart permit?

The application for a vehicle permit can be picked up at the traffic office, or downloaded from the attachments list below. It needs to be submitted to the traffic office, which is currently located in the DFC subdivision. You go past the cement bloc... Read More

How do you get a golf cart permit?

Our golf cart was shipped over to Belize back in March, but we have not been able to drive the golf cart yet because we were waiting to get a golf cart permit. Bill turned in the completed application and paid the $50.00BZ application fee six wee... Read More

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