Work Permits

Can I get a work permit?

Getting work permits in San Pedro is usually a long and frustrating ordeal, by any measure.  One must seek a broker early on to help you "hurry up and wait between six months and a year to get a work permit (if it doesn't get "lost", in the mean... Read More

Jobs: Belize – typical sectors & locations

Jobs in Belize refer to the various employment opportunities that are available to the people present in the country. You can know more about these job opportunities by browsing through the employment sites that are many online. These sites provide c... Read More

Work Permits

from a friend....I think we have set a record in obtaining our Work Permit...ONE WEEK!!! Can you believe it??? (And that's with NO "GIFTING"!!!) Immigration called this morning and we were just in Belmopan last Wednesday...So ~ I wanted to pass along... Read More

Working in Belize

A lot of people state that they want to come to Belize to work and I believe it is the duty of people here to tell them the hard truths about working in Belize, viz: Work permits are needed, even for online work You can’t get a permit to work ... Read More