Gun License Fees To Be Increased

In an effort to minimize the number of illegal firearm and ammunition currently on the streets of our country, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Belize Police Department today issued an advisory to all gun dealers and holders informing them of new fees being implemented for firearm certification.

The proposed increase which is expected to come into effect in the coming months will be added as follows:

License Carrier permit which is currently free of cost now has a proposed fee of three hundred dollars, Gun Repair Licenses which is also free of cost will now see a proposed fee of fifty dollars while Special Protection Licenses for Belizeans which currently holds a fee of seventy five dollars will carry a fee of two hundred and twenty five dollars and Special Protection Licenses for non-Belizeans is proposed to increase from five hundred dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars.

Other Licenses that will see changes is for Shot Gun Holders, specifically Belizean farmers will jump from five dollars to twenty five dollars, as well as heirloom license and training and certification license both of which are proposed to go from being free of cost to three hundred dollars per gun and lastly.

Of note is that the new fees will be applied to any subsequent renewal of licenses after the effective date and persons who already own a license will not be required to pay additional fees until the time of renewal.

Below are the proposed new firearm fees:

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