Gender-Based Violence resources in the Corozal District

If you need assistance in the Corozal District, please contact any of the GBV Resources below:

Domestic Unit, Police Department
Woman Police Corporal Vernon
1st Street North, Corozal Town
Telephone: (501) 402-0022

Women’s Department – Department of Human Services
9 D Street, Corozal Town, Belize
Telephone: 402-2120
Human Service Officer: Consuelo Cowo

Family (Magistrate) Court
5th Avenue Corozal Town
Telephone: 402-2340
Court Clerk: Jaime Santos

Department of Youth Services
#99 5th Avenue, Corozal Town
Telephone: 402-0440
Youth Officer: Harrison Williams

Corozal Community Hospital
San Antonio Rd., Santa Rita Area, Corozal Town
Telephone: 402-2078
Contact Person: Jasmine Zetina

Corozal Gender-Based Violence Committee
Chair: Rosalia Carrillo
Secretary: Cornellie Fritz
Contact #: 667-4013

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