How can I get married in Belize?

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You must reside in Belize for three days before you can apply for a minister’s license to marry. One day’s prior notice is needed. You will need proof of citizenship (certified copy of birth certificate, signed by a public notary, which includes father’s name) ; proof of divorce if applicable (certified copy or original certificate of divorce); copy of death certificate for widow or widower. You don’t need a blood test or parents consent if over 18. The ceremony is performed by the Registrar General in Belize City or by a Justice of the Peace in other areas. The General Registry can be contacted at Telephone 501-2-77377, Supreme Court Building, Belize City. is a great resource.

Legal Requirements - Registry Department

     Most hotels will help with your arrangements including securing a minister or officer of the court to perform the ceremony. However, if you wish to make these arrangements on your own, please contact the Registry Department before you leave home to secure a licensed person and court date to perform a legal ceremony.
Your marriage in Belize will be valid internationally.

1. Both parties must be in Belize at least three days before applying for a marriage license.

2. Forms can be obtained from two locations: General Registry, Supreme Court Building, Belize City and Attorney General Office, Belmopan.

3. Forms must be completed and signed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace (J.P.). Ask for J.P.s in your area.

4. Completed forms along with the following must be presented to General Registry or Attorney General:
-Proof of Citizenship in the form of an ID card or Passport
-Photocopies of your passport showing your picture and date of entry into --Belize
-Proof of Marital status, if widowed or divorced
-Marriage license fee (US $100)

5. The normal approval time is one week

6. Two witnesses who can be local volunteers willing to help, must accompany couples who have a legal ceremony in court. Cost: US $5


Marriage license - $100 US
Legal ceremony in court - $5 US
Religious officer - Varies (donations to the churches and schools welcome)

Registry Department Contact Information
Registry Department

Treasury Lane
Belize City
Telephone: 011-501-227-7377
Fax: 011-501-227-0181
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 8 am - 12 nn | 1 pm - 5 pm


To get the festive elements of your wedding organized you can choose to do it yourself or request the assistance of your resort, hotel or tour operator. With most hotels offering personal service yours is sure to have some experience in making these arrangements. There are often often wedding and honeymoon packages complete with accommodations for the happy couple and as many family and friends that wish to come along,someone licensed to perform the ceremony, catering, room service and decorations to your specifications.
With the paperwork and legal ceremony complete in Belize City, you can have your dream wedding in whatever setting you choose, using anyone as your minister. Remember this is where you get to be creative and have fun.
Belize has a wide variety of religious denominations including: Roman Catholic, Anglican, Episcopalian, Methodist, Faith Assembly of God, Jehovah’s Witness, Baptist, Mormon, Mennonite and Hindu.


1. Request a fax of the marriage license application from the Registry Department before your arrival for your personal revision.

2. Be present at the Registry Department to make your application as early as you can, especially if you have a short stay in Belize.

3. If you have guest and family coming for the wedding, ask hotels to provide itineraries for your honeymoon and a separate one for the rest of the party.

4. Once you have some details on what you want your wedding to be like - i.e. # in your party, length of stay, type of ceremony, where you want to honeymoon, and any special requirements, we encourage you to request quotations and packages from a variety of providers. We would be happy to forward your request for direct responses to you if you complete the form on our contact page.

5. There are very few traditional bridal shops in the country so either bring your wedding attire or choose from colorful tropical attire in the local gift shops. However, remember that there are less shopping choices the further away you get from the main towns.

6. If you plan to get married at an Archaeological Reserve, (Maya Ruins, sites), please fax a letter requesting permission one week before the ceremony. Letters should be faxed to the Commissioner of Archaeology, Mr. George Thompson, at 822-3345. Please include the date and time of ceremony; names of bride, groom; priest or Justice of the Peace; and site of ceremony.
Please contact the Department of Archaeology at telephone # 522-2227 or 822-2106 and fax # 822-3345 for conditions for weddings being held at archaeological parks in Belize.

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