Where can i go to look for real estate?

When it’s time for you to purchase real estate for investment or retirement, don’t gamble- consider the security of doing business in a country with English as it’s official language- the contracts you sign are in English, and you will be subject to laws you can understand.
When it’s time for a lifestyle, you will find that in Belize you are not separate and apart as an ex-pat, but rather can become part of the community in which you live.

FEEL FREE of racial tensions, rampant crime, daily pressures.
FEEL CONFIDENT that laws won’t change at a whim. Belize has a long tradition of private property rights for everyone.
FEEL CONNECTED to the rest of the world with Belize’s state-of-the-art telecommunications and efficient postal systems.  

As for property appreciation, it has remained steady and strong, and yet there is still excellent value for your dollar. and .... Belize has no capital gains tax, no inheritance taxes, and a fixed currency exchange rate.

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Author: Thu, Dec 7, 2006
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Author: Marty Casado

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