Belize QRP incentive program

I am seriously considering the QRP program.I am aware of the fees involved in submitting an application as well as obtaining the status. However, I would like to know if there are fees attached to the annual renewal of the card and proof of income. 

Here is the application form, along with details and contact information for the program. I myself am not certain about your question, but I am sure some of those in the contact info will know….

Click here for the BTB Belize Retired Persons Incentives Program application form with instructions, details and contact information.

hope that helps!

Qualified Retired Person’s Programme (QRP)

A special Retirement Program has been designed specifically for retirees who wish to live in Belize and can prove a permanent and consistent income from investments, pension or any other form of retirement benefit. Successful applicants are granted special Qualified Retired Person’s Status (QRP status).
Benefits of QRP Status:

Who Qualifies?

Any Retired Person over 45 years of age who is a citizen or permanent resident of the USA, UK, Canada or Belize may apply for Qualified Retired Person status.
Application Requirements:Interested persons can obtain an application form from the Belize Tourist Board (BTB). Completed applications must be submitted along with the following supporting documentation:

For more information, click here.

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