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What taxi services are available?


Water and land taxi service is available to and from destinations in San Pedro Town, as far north as the river and as far south as Victoria House, the hotel furthest to the south of Ambergris Caye. Most hotels and resorts provide transportation for g Read More

Is the water safe to drink?

There is ample water for showers and bathing in San Pedro, but you are asked to conserve. Hotels will supply you with all your drinking water. Many visitors drink the local water with no harmful after-effects. Others, more prudent or with delicate st Read More

Drinking water safety

Can I drink drinks with ice at Coco Beach Resort? Is the water that the ice is made from purified water? Yes no problem at all, the water for ice is purified. Restaurants and bars often buy ice made from purified water. Many purify the water. Portofi Read More

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