JANUARY 1999   San Pedro High School   Volume 4



New Cafeteria will improve snack services

by: Ida Martinez

The teachers of San Pedro High School are of the opinion that there is a need for a cafeteria on school campus. This new cafeteria has been constructed to meet three important objectives:

1. To assist students with snacks and light food and refreshments instead of allowing them to leave the school grounds.

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2. Most high schools in the country have a canteen. San Pedro should not be an exception.

3. The cafeteria will be manned by the staff who, in turn, will use a part of the proceeds for their annual staff trip. Funds will also be used for the upkeep of the school and for student welfare.

Construction took approximately one week. The main sponsors of this project is Bowen & Bowen Ltd which allocated some $3000.00 for the building.

The staff of San Pedro High would like to take this opportunity to thank Bowen & Bowen Ltd for assisting with the cafeteria and would like to request the support of the student body in maintaining this facility.

We are looking forward for suggestions from students especially in the preparation of the menu.


A proud publication of San Pedro High School

Editor: Mr. Apolinar Tzul

Asst. Editor - Miss Conchita Valdez

Members: Daryani Perez

Esra Al-Dabbaugh

Adriana Vasquez

Jennifer Fiore

Martin Dawson

Ida Martinez

Yuri Tun

Janine Haylock

Melody Sanchez

Contributors: Mr. Angel Nuñez

Mr. Emil Vasquez

Mrs. Nathalie Sedasey



Principal Angel Nuñez, J.P. has been honored by the Queen with the prestigious title of MBE (Member of the British Empire), after many years of dedicated service to the community. See exclusive interview inside.


Students from all forms will be benefiting from a long awaited amenity - a modern cafeteria being funded by Bowen & Bowen Ltd.


A look at the end of year ahead in June takes us to reflect on the yearly awards for Teacher and Student of the Year. See report inside to qualify for this distinguished recognition.


Don‰t miss your Monthly Horoscope, The Doctor, Sports, Birthdays, Jokes and Poem. Also in this edition, San Pedro High as the times said it 25 Years Ago.


by: Mrs. Nathalie Sedacey

We can use the term, DISCIPLINE, in many respects. I discipline myself to study. You discipline yourself to eat the right foods. We discipline ourselves to pay attention in class. I discipline myself to complete all my assignments. You discipline yourself to wake at 5:30 a.m. to go to practice. We discipline ourselves to priortize our lives, putting school and assignments before parties, friends and socializing. These are important and possibly challenging choices we make, if we are to do well and succeed in school. However, these are not the only discipline we have to face in our lives. There are other areas where strong self-discipline is crucial, if we are to journey along a path that is good and wholesome for us. If we are in the company of male friends, how do we as females show appropriate discipline? If you are in the company of female friends, how do you as males show proper self-discipline? What about that self-discipline which is vital, yet sometimes abandoned or disregarded when we are with friends? How do we conduct ourselves among friends who are drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana or hanging out in a gang? It may seem easy to forget about our self-discipline and yield to the pressures and temptations of our peers, but where does it leave us? We need to stay firm in our knowledge, understanding and affirmation that these behavior are harmful to us. Physically, mentally and emotionally. These are the areas where we may need to execute and emphasize appropriate self-discipline. When faced with these challenges, do not give-in or do not give-in again and again. An occasional slip or surrender to alcohol, marijuana or other harmful behaviour may weaken your will and belief in yourself, that you have the power and ability to say, "No!" So, if you find yourself in a threatening situation and you find you have to use that power, know that the choice of "No" is the right choice and the correct self-discipline necessary to enhance and enrich your life.

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By: Jenine Haylock

Q: Being a member of the MBE, how do you feel?

A: Well, I feel humbly honored that my name was recommended and the Queen accepted it. It gave me the energy and wanting to continue serving my community. This makes me more involved in Education. It makes me recognize my contributions to the society.

Q: How was it that you got chosen by the MBE.

A: I received a phone call in November last year from the Prime Minister and Governor General asking me to turn in a resumé of my past achievements. This resumé was submitted to the Queen who picked out people who have done outstanding services. Among those five was mine.

Q: As a member of the MBE will you get an annual salary or pension?

A: I don‰t think so. I believe it is an Award or Certificate. You also get some privileges and benefits over others.

Q: Now as a member of the MBE, do you have an extra duty to carry out?

A: I don‰t know.

Q: But, if any what do you think they would be?

A: Well, I guess to live up to your name.

Q: Who will present this award to you?

A: It will be presented to me in February by the Governor General.

Q: Why do you feel they chose you out of others?

A: I think my record is one of the many things that showed them that I am a person who persists. I don‰t know the meaning of quit or stop. I always persist and achieve. I am honored to be the first one chosen in San Pedro. It was not unfair, but I believe that one day soon others from San Pedro will also be honored the same way.

Q: Do you think your recent award will require for you to work for the community even harder?

A: I intend to work harder.

Q: You have been honored with the MBE. Do you have any aspiration for the future.?

A: I feel satisfied when I see other people, especially young people getting involved with the community more and more. I will be pleased when I see them getting involved. That is my only aspiration.

Jenine: Well thanks very much for your time.

Mr. Nuñez: My pleasure madam.

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BY: Mr. Angel Nuñez

1973 is exactly 25 years ago in the history of SPHS. When I page through the school yearbook, I see teachers like Frank Nuñez, Fidel Ancona, and Cruzita Nuñez. Our first formers were Sue Akenhausen now in the USA. Clarita Ancona is a businesswoman along with Seferino Paz Jr. James Azueta is with Hol Chan and on study leave. Emerita Badillo is an office clerk. Judith Bradley is somewhere in Mexico. Milly Castillo is working in England and a dutiful mother. Idelida Gonzalez is married and still here. Lydia Gonzalez is a businesswoman. Efrain Guerrero is an artist and business entrepreneur. John Halliday is living it big in the USA. Suzette Halliday lives in Belize City. Leila Heredia is a housewife. Maria Elena Flota is a housewife in Mexico. Dulce Nuñez works in a family owned business. Odilia Nuñez is owner of Mash Hardware. Guillermo Paz is manager of Green Reef. Mirna Paz is a lovely mother and run a personal business. Seferino Paz is manager of Banyan Bay Resort. Enrique Staines is a successful businessman. Orlando Trejo is a passionate builder who hates shirts. Carmelita is happily married and was our first lady just recently. Pedro Vasquez is the town board‰s foreman and Abel Guerrero is a well known businessman.

In the prep class were Celi Grief, Rosela Nuñez, Lupita Cardenez, Mario Flota, Omar Guerrero, Pedro Ayuso, Chris Nuñez, Alberto Nuñez Jr., Maria Luz Heredia, Ema Varela, Dulce Vasquez, Gil Paz, Luis Nuñez and Ariel Trejo.

There they are, folks, the first group of students to enroll at SPHS. Some made it will; others better yet. It is all up to personality and self-esteem and how much one is willing to give of himself.


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By: Adriana Vasquez

One of the things that the Environmental Club does is to beautify the campus, especially around the school building. The second aim is to plant coconut trees along the beach side to beautify the fence as it extends around the school yard. These plants will help to hold the soil on the beach. The grass presently being planted on the field will help to avoid soil erosion and will facilitate the students to play soccer, softball, and other sports in the months ahead. Students are being asked to kindly cooperate in protecting all plants by doing sports at the back than at the front of the field. Another project the Environmental Club started on January 21st, was a roof top garden behind Form Three and Four. Once they accomplish this project they will plan a vegetable garden, for the benefit of the Club. The Club will also be putting up more trash bins in and around the school campus. The Club started with 2 students, and today it has a total of 10 members. They welcome anyone who wants to get their hands dirty. Principal Nuñez who coordinates the club says he sees all the members enjoying it in an educational way. The club meets every Wednesday after classes. They also are treated to sodas. If you are willing to join in, make it an interesting hobby for you, not a game to play.


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Monthly Horoscope


A less than tactful question may attract a less than tactful answer. You may literally have to speak up with someone hard of hearing. A doctor may be defensive about justifying their expert knowledge. Mid month you could feel like you got the "wind kicked out of your sails." Energy is low and your tolerance for frustration is also low. It maybe best to postpone something planned for a better time. Be cautious with driving and make a point of praying before or while you are driving. A good new year's resolution is to "forgive" someone you've had some difficulties with. You or another close may have travel plans in a westerly direction. Its a good thing to exercise restraint in your conversation with someone due respect even if they are objectively wrong about something -- be gracious and let them find out for themselves.


You are in a rush to finish something. Although the pace of events increases you have a happy calm assurance which is refreshing to others. Do what you can to brighten someone's life. You may have some success selling something by way of the internet. You can't guess the weight of something by just looking at. It is a virtuous thing to take steps to protect your home from intruders. You may have better powers of perception about the long term implications of the unfolding trouble with Iraq than the average citizen. There may be a tense situation solving a problem associated with internet service. You would be doing yourself a favor in 1999, if you learned more by doing a net search on the Y2K (Year 2000) computer glitch. Forwarded is forearmed.


Its a good idea to announce that you intend on paying someone a visit with a phone call before actually going over -- a surprise visit may prove to be awkward. You may hold a humorous view of a legal situation. Don't be gullible or naive about trusting someone who's lied before. You could be on a "waiting list" of some kind. Watch for a connection in events with someone going by a name similar to "Gib..." You are a genuine risk for parking and speeding tickets this month. Making negative comparisons between yourself and others can literally rob you of your mental and physical energy. Exhaustion may be a real problem for many of this sign later in the month.


You could toy with the idea of travel somewhere, but to attain that goal you might have to incur some debt. Some of you are still struggling against a spirit of despair, which you should fight back against by prayer. Don't hold a pity party for yourself. Also be careful of getting emotionally drained from talking at too great length with certain negative types on the phone. Don't dwell on or exalt the "problem", but exalt God's help. Humor may offset some anxiety about receiving a visitor or paying someone a visit. It may be instructive to make a distinction between visiting someone and imposing on them. A solution may be found to a problem associated with "rent."


Some degree of nervous tension persists this month. Try to love others unconditionally, doing so will free you from fear and uncertainty. You need to resist thinking of the "worst case" scenario -- there's no law against the virtue of Hope -- and no problem too great for God's help to solve. One who is physically sick maybe easier for you to "mend a fence" with. You or someone you have contact with rejects wisdom. You have the will power to to reduce or (if you desire it) quit drinking alcohol. You could be somewhat "defensive" about a situation at work. If someone chooses to lie to you its more likely to occur over the phone than face to face. Don't play ostrich, don't stick your head in the sand, if you see a crime being committed, report it to the police.


Try to avoid being provoked into arguments especially amongst co-workers. Guilt can be a powerful and tormenting influence which you can liberated from. But in order to do so, you must come out of denial about some personal failings. Its as though your conscience has an alarm bell sounding -- like a smoke detector going off. Its not a good idea to ignore that warning. A paramount problem may be mental attitude sins. If your thoughts remain full of discontent, negativity and criticism -- these things will rob you of Faith and peace of mind. Like a wound left untreated it will go from bad to worse. The solution: stop sinning now, turn around and receive God's forgiveness. After you have done so, don't look back, don't play the blame game and let go of the past.


There could be a scenario where you either end up walking to work (as opposed to driving) or your work demands that you to be "on your feet" more. You may be reminded of some past events that occurred in a shopping mall. Travel with the purpose of learning may occur. Don't say something you may later regret in a telephone conversation. When it comes to cooking, you are very particular and have your own unique way of doing things. You may prefer to (if possible) avoid doctors or find that they are evasive. A change of some kind might be made with regard to a car, or the solution to a problem with a vehicle arrived it. Continue to be cautious about safe guarding valuables from potential theft. Expect more frequent computer freezes and lock ups.


You meet someone who needs to pick their mouth up, out of the gutter. A person who uses dehumanizing vocabulary to describe people as objects (to be manipulated) is absolutely not trustworthy. "Psychic Advice" no matter how persuasive, should never be used to justify or encourage immoral conduct. It may be better to trust your own intuition more than the intuition of someone else. Use discernment. If you make unrealistic demands of perfection on yourself an observant enemy may try to undermine your self confidence by nit picking about various details. Don't fall for it, just do your best and let God take care of the rest. Perhaps you can read the signs of the times better than most and perhaps you have concerns about the direction your country as a whole is heading in 1999.


You are more aware of "distance" between yourself and others during this month than at any other point in recent memory. Perhaps you encounter someone from your past with whom there was "a parting of the ways." Any prospect of a move or a temporary change of locale is not something you are gleeful about. You could get some breaks in terms of a greater financial advantage than in previous months. Unless you can find a good chiropractor you may have to cope with some intermittent back pain this month. Others may note that you are less talkative than usual or you note that behavior in others. You observe that certain individuals seem to take on different (maybe insincere) personality traits in group situations.


Adverse weather could result in interruptions to electrical service. You become familiar with "Murphy's Law"; if anything can go wrong it will. Watch this principle take over a situation -- if you procrastinate doing something that urgently needs your attention right now. Lack of exposure to bright sunlight does negatively affect your moods. You don't understand someone's lack of patriotism. You seem "skeptical" of something's successful outcome -- but life is full of surprises. Try not to take a failed attempt to persuade someone as a personal slight, if you are persevering you may get them to agree later. Make selfless rather selfish decisions. There might be some surprising events associated with children, young people and or sports.


You are fortunate to have less intrusions in your work situation. A friend under the sign of Taurus is significant in events. There's a job opportunity possible for those seeking work. Peace of mind and happiness are attainable in greater measure to the degree that your Faith is strong. Happiness also comes from not making comparsions between yourself and others. Your confidence and good humour can be a spiritual example for those who are insecure about themselves. You could be informed of some particular success in the life of a brother or sister. You could take up reading something pertaining to psychology. A pet may be clever about doing something they should not when you are inattentive.


Don't expect the red carpet treatment from the staff of certain stores. You may have some justified concerns about the quality of something purchased. If something "isn't happening" or holding your interest --learn to relax and be still (be Christ-like), rather than get spiteful and cranky. There is a strange invisible tension in the world at large this month -- that you personally don't need to "plug into" by a negative mental attitude, unless you want to. Be precise in your choice of words, rather than trying to wiggle around something. Affordability is a consideration regarding the purchase or upkeep of a car. A social gathering involves dancing.

Dr. Love

The Doctor

On Fridays, I don‰t know what to wear because whatever I put on, I‰m afraid that my friends won‰t like it.

Miss I Don‰t Know

Dear Miss Know,

Well, I don‰t know. You should stop thinking that, way, girl! And wear what you‰re comfortable with. If your friends don‰t like it, well its their problem.

The Doctor

Dear Doctor

I feel fat and want to lose weight, but I have tried going on diet and it didn‰t work. Every time I see someone eating, I want to eat what should I do?

Miss Fat

Dear Fat

I think that your solution is not going on a diet, its being careful with what you eat. Eat normally and join after - school activities like sports. So you can keep your mind of junk food.

The Doctor



By: Nicolet Santos


We don‰t feel right. Friends are near, dear and they care. I do nice things for them to see,

How special they are to me.

We have good and bad times.

When get into a fight, I know that‰s not a good sight, because we don‰t feel right.

When friends know their part, They don‰t want to be apart. They encourage each other, They don‰t even bother. Friend‰s have close relationships, They know you like the end of their finger tips.

Friends can be there forever. They all help each other in times of need,

There shouldn‰t be any problem with greed.

They are concerned for one another,

And show it to others


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By: Melody Sanchez

The head chief is constipated so he sends his wife out of the village to get some medicine with the doctor. So the wife walks to the doctor.

Wife: Big Chief No Shit

Doctor: Give him medicine one

Next day wife comes back again

Wife: Big Chief No Shit

Doctor: Give him this antibiotic

Next day the wife comes back again.

Wife: Big Chief No Shit

Doctor: Still No Shit, give him this triple X Antibiotic

If it doesn‰t kill it will cure him.

Next day



Career Day for San Pedro High

Teachers and students took part last Friday, January 29, in a program designed to acquaint them with various professions and occupations which they can pursue in the near future.

The venue was at the Lion‰s Den. The program lasted some four hours with a 30 minute break in the morning.

Various members of the community spoke about the services that they do for the community and why their professions are vital for the community.

Principal Angel Nuñez declared the day open. The speakers were introduced by the Student Council, while Mr. Tzul moderated the program.


A Briefing on Student Council Activities

In our last issue we published the many accomplishments of the Student Council between September and December 1998.

This year we are currently waiting to hear from the main office of the Belize Telecommunications Ltd (BTL) in Belize City for a payphone hotline inside the lobby.

Last December at the last minute Mr. Tzul was informed that the facility could no longer be implemented due to whatever reasons. Mr. Tzul has followed up on this decision taken and we are waiting to hear from BTL.

Though it is welcoming it hear about a new cafeteria for San Pedro High, which will benefit everyone, Kudos should be given to the Student Council since the project was their original idea. We will continue to support any other project the school hopes to implement in the near future.

The Student Council maintains that learning does not take place only in the classroom. We are actively involved in the promotion of guest talks for our student body. The Executive members introduced various Guest Speakers on Career Day last Friday, January 29. This was just another promise fulfilled.


BY: Daryani Perez

Every year the student body of San Pedro High chooses a teacher and student for, "Teacher of the Year Award," and "Student of the Year Award," at the end of the school year. The qualities that a teacher and student must have to qualify for the award are listed as follows:


  1. Attentive, alert, ready to learn, not indifferent or lackadaisical toward school.
  2. Punctual
  3. Makes efficient use of time, especially during study periods.
  4. Turns in daily work on time
  5. Studies hard for tests
  6. Willing to be outgoing in extra curricular activities.
  7. willing to assist and participate in fund raising activities
  8. Finds enjoyment in work - not always grumbling or complaining
  9. Meets with teacher for extra - help when necessary
  10. Ask questions in class, responds to questions thoughtfully
  11. Ready to listen
  12. Works quietly when it is time to work and write in - class assignments
  13. Attendance is second to none.
  14. Respects teachers in and out of school and members of the community
  15. Shows leadership in the classroom or ability to lead the rest.
  16. Respects himself/herself and fellow classmates
  17. Shows consistency in good behavior (in and out of school)
  18. One whose school performance is exemplary (especially class work)
  19. Shows maturity to deal with difficult situations (eg. family problems, financial difficulties, etc)
  20. The good student believes in God and in himself/herself and sets the example to the rest of his/her peers.
  21. Carries the name of SPHS as a good ambassador at all times.


  1. He/She feels that at the end of the day that he/she has made a positive difference in the life of the students.
  2. He is one who can show the way by his own good examples
  3. He is humble enough to admit he is wrong.
  4. He has interesting teaching strategies.
  5. He is a facilitator and makes the lessons seem easy.
  6. He communicates clearly and effectively
  7. He shows self-confidence and seems to be sure of himself.
  8. He is knowledgeable in his field
  9. He realizes that teaching is a two way process and at times he must listen and learn from the students
  10. He provides extra help outside of the regular classroom
  11. Has eyes, ears, and heart open and seizes any opportunity to teach.
  12. He can be trusted and is a personal friend
  13. He is fair in dealing with students.
  14. He has efficient classroom management; has order in his classrooom.
  15. He acts as a good role model
  16. He allows for students to demonstrate the outcome of their independent learning.
  17. He believes every student and makes them feel that there is something good in each one of them.
  18. He prepares good lessons that students can appreciate.
  19. He has good punctuality and almost perfect attendance
  20. He respects his students
  21. He entertains his class and is enjoyable
  22. He is understanding and patient
  23. He keeps a good student/teacher relationship and does not get too close nor too far.


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By: Mr. Emil Vasquez

There are several upcoming sports events in which SPHS will be participating in the months of January, February, and March, 1999.


On January 30th, SPH will travel west in order to participate in the Softball Regional Tournament. Mr. Alex Nuñez and Mrs. Dorie Blanco have been preparing both male and female teams. We hope that they can bring us the first trophy this year!




Already a group of about 18 boys and 16 girls have began preparing for the Inter-Secondary Junior Tournament that will be held in San Ignacio on February 20th. This group has been preparing to represent SPH in Football. On February 20th, not only football will be featured, but also other disciplines such as Volleyball and Basketball. A group of about 40 - 50 freshmen and sophomore students will be travelling west in order to compete. This tournament gives the younger students a chance to show case their talents, since some may be too young to participate at the higher levels.

From past experience, we have some hope that the girls basketball team will do well. Let us hope that other sports bring us some glory!


On March 6th, SPH will participate in its last regional tournament. This tournament will be in football. Traditionally, football has been a fairly organized sport at SPH and we are hoping to compete well. Nevertheless, our task will not be easy. The Western Regional presently features the Male National Champions - Mopan Technical and beating them in their turf will be difficult. Still, each time we go, we go with a positive mentally, hoping that one day we will bring glory to our beloved SPH.

We take this opportunity to thank all those individuals who have contributed funds in order to support our teams as they fund raise to travel. We ask them to continue supporting us.

What‰s happening at san pedro high

By: Martin Dawson

At the present moment the softball competition is on. San Pedro High School has selected both their female and male team to represent their school. Both teams will travel on the 29th of January to play against Cayo. The male team is coached by Mr. Alex Nuñez and the female team is coached by Mrs. Dorie Blanco. All the students of San Pedro High School are proud of their players representing them and they have hope they will get victory this time.

Another event taking place in this term are the fundraising events. The class of Form 4 has had one fundraising event and it was a Bar B Q Sale. Also, the class of Form 1 held a rice and beans sale. The term has recently begun but the fundraising events are already underway. As the weeks of term two go by, the fundraising events will continue for some classes.

The Newspaper Club "Anchor in the News" is publishing their first issue for the second term with some delay. At the present the members of the club are working hard to have this month‰s edition on time. This January issue will be their fourth one for the school year.

It is just the third week of classes in the new year 1999 and almost all the forms have done something for this term. On Friday, January 27th, students of San Pedro High School attended a program on careers day, at the Lion‰s Den which included various guest speakers from San Pedro Town and the mainland such as doctors, teachers, etc. The program benefited the students because the guest speakers shared with them their expertise and what achievements they have gained in their respective occupations. The program will mostly benefit the fourth form students since they are in their last school year and are preparing for office practice in March and graduation in June.


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