Northern end of Ambergris Caye, Belize
just prior to Hurricane Chantal

jack robinson's pier 4:15 pm

casa azul and mata chica beach 4:15 pm

mata chica from the casa azul pier...

mata chica

looking north from casa azul pier along north beach area, mata chica pier in foreground

We're more worried about this family of hooded orioles outside our back window than we are about ourselves. Shot yesterday. There are actually 3 of them babies in there with their nest sewn using banana leaf strings into the crook of a banana leaf. If we move to higher ground, we're taking them with us. There's a nest in the banana leaf next to this one with an egg the size of a dime in it. May they all survive.

Valin just looked out and saw mamma feeding the babies, and brother man, this wind is picking up fer sure. That's hard to imagine that little bird flying around getting food for dem babies.

our little baby birds made it ok, they were on the back of the house and even though the wind was whipping that banana tree pretty good. I saw the mama bird covering them completely at about midnight when I went for a walkabout.

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