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The Original Iguana Jack's Ceramic Art

We have people from all over the world ordering these strikingly beautiful ceramic decorative pieces.

For information on color code's and finishes, click here.

Ordering is simple. Simply choose the type of vase you're interested in, then you can call us at +501-226-2767, order from the secure online store below, or fax us this information:
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All totals in US dollars will be converted into Belize currency at $2.00 BZ to $1.00 US.
All sales are final. No refunds on special orders.
Each vase is created by hand. Yours will look very much like the image you see here, but it will be delightfully individual, unique, at the same time.
Custom orders may take 60-90 days to make and deliver.

EXAMPLE OF COLOR CODE: If you ordered M-As-Gr, you would be ordering an astro green, light green textured glaze with a matt finish. Or if you orderec G-As-Gr, you would be ordered the same color but with a high gloss finish. Mgh gloss (G) or Matt (M) available on any color.

As-GrAstro green, light green textured glaze
As-TAstro topaz, light brown textured glaze
As-BlueAstro blue, light blue textured glaze
As-BkAstro black, black textured glaze
S-OrgSandy orange, smooth textured glaze
B-yellowBright yellow, smooth finish glaze
Cobalt-bluCobalt blue, smooth finish glaze
WhiteWhite, smooth finish glaze
BlackBlack, smooth finish glaze
TanTan textured finish glaze
Md-blueMedium blue, smooth finished glaze
D-greenDark green, smooth finished glaze
Irish-GreenLight green, smooth finished glaze
Rust-RedRed, smooth finish glaze
TurqTurquoise, smooth finish glaze
RosePink, textured glaze
W-GWarm light gray, textured glaze
PinkLight pink, smooth finished glaze
L. BrnLight brown, smooth finished glaze
PeachLight peach, textured glaze

Please call for special color requests

To order or ask about his work, send check or inquiry to
The Original Iguana Jack's, PO Box 55, San Pedro Town
Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America

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