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Belize City, Belize

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Item Price Q'ty Total
Natural Beauty Care System      
Cahune Shower & Body Oil $25.00    
Cahune Moisturizing Body Polishing Scrub $20.00    
Rain Forest Honey Mask $15.00    
Orchid Body Splash $45.00    
Suphur Clay Mask $15.00    
Rain Forest Vitamin Mask $30.00    
Moisturizing Citrus Facial Polish $15.00    
Herbal Teas      
Mayan Secrests Herbal Tea Man only $20.00    
Female only $20.00
Cleansing Tea $15.00
Mayan Mystic Mind Tea $20.00    
Mayan Secrets Facial Tea $20.00    
Herbal Baths      
Exotic Spice Body Wash $12.50    
Spa Spirits Body Tea $12.50    
Natural Herbal Clay Soaps      
Coconut Soap $7.50    
Natural Clay Soap $7.50    
Balm Soap $7.50    
Hibiscus & Honey Shampoo Bar $7.50    
Seaweed Soap $7.50    
Natural Herbal Products      
Mayan Tan & Repel Lotion $11.50    
Rain Forest Refreshner $12.50    
Sunbum Gel $10.00    
Koro (Business) $10.00    
Moriba (Home) $10.00    
Zinga (Spiritual) $10.00    
Jungle Gift Knacks      
Jungle Candles $15.00    
Sub Total _________________ Shipping & Handling ____________
Total : _____________________  
Signature : _________________  
Card #:____________________ Exp. Date: ____________

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
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