Natural Beauty Care System
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CAHUNE SHOWER & BODY OIL Super skin moisturizer contains palm nut oil, citrus essence & herbs. The amazing power of this ancient fragrance influences your moods & emotions relaxing the body, mind and spirit. Can also be used as massage oil.

RAIN FOREST HONEY MOISTURIZER Excellent humectant! A refreshing, wonderfully aromatic exfoliant- leaving skin smooth and younger looking. Massage a small amount into the skin and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with tepid water. Follow with Vitamin Mask.

CAHUNE MOISTURIZING BODY POLISHING SCRUB Body moisturizer for very dry skin helps to remove dead skin and helps combat cellulite & poor circulation. We recommend a full body scrub once a week. Terrific as a preshaving treatment on legs & face. Leaves skin silky smooth and revived. Dampen skin and massage. Rinse off.

ORCHID BODY SPLASH Acts as a toning lotion and moisturizer. Removes dirt and detoxifies the skin. Contains spring water, orchid petal oil and aged cane juice.

SULPHUR CLAY MASK Smoothing skin toner that relieves tissue stress, balances skin oils and improves circulation. Deep cleans external pollution. Helps with the elimination of pimples, blackheads and minor skin irritations. Contains natural clay. Dab a small amount on face and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse off with cool spring water.

RAIN FOREST VITAMIN MASK A nutrifying mask that naturally contains vital vitamins needed for dry and sun damaged skin. An excellent nutrifier with age fighting ingredients that help skin repair its’ appearance and refirms weakened skin. Massage in & do not rinse, as it works while you sleep.

MOISTURIZING CITRUS FACIAL POLISH A natural way to buff away dead skin cells and reveal healthy and glowing skin. Contains natural rain forest herbs to exfoliate, cleanse and balance. Natural oils inherent to the jungle herbs moisten & nourish. Mango and Sapote peel powder and essential oils deep cleanse, energize and uplift your spirits. Dampen face, massage in and rinse.

Herbal Teas

MALE VIRILITY Man only tea-specially formulated for the male species

PREGNANCY TEA Woman only tea- once again, for women

BLOOD CLEANSING TEA Cleansing tea-an internal detoxifier and cleanser.

Boil 1 tbsp. loose herbs per cup of water for 15 minutes and sip. Do not discard used leaves. Reuse until flavor has diminished. Store in refrigerator.

MAYAN MYSTIC MIND TEA Relaxing tea with aromatic fragrances that send your mind & body into a state of relaxation.

MAYAN SECRETS FACIAL TEA Made from the finest selection of rainforest herbs. Especially good for all skin types to detoxify and tone. Place in 2 quarts of hot water and steam face.

Herbal Baths

Indulge in the soothing ritual of a herb infused bath. For centuries, herbal baths have been used to restore, heal and ease discomfort. The aromatic blend of rain forest herbs seep into your pores, perfume the room and leave you refreshed.

EXOTIC SPICE BODY WASH Exotic Mayan aromatic herbs especially formulated to soothe the aching a tired body and mind. Steep tea ring in tub of very hot water for five minutes. Add water to desired temperature and feel stress soak away.

SPA SPIRITS BODY TEA An at home beauty bath that will melt away tension and stress as it restores skin’s youthful glow and helps eliminate excess water retention in fatty tissue. Use as part of the Spa Spirits Cellulite Refiner System.

Natural Herbal Clay Soaps

Soaps are all vegetable based with a blend of coconut oil, rain forest clay and pure plant essential oils. No chemical are added which irritate the skin.

COCONUT SOAP A skin softener and moisturizer that helps eliminate dryness. Made with rich rain forest coconuts and clay.

NATURAL CLAY SOAP Excellent skin exfoliant-deters aging and wrinkles. Eliminates pimples, blackheads and skin inflammations. Made from the finest Mayan mountain clay.

BALM SOAP Helps prevent hair loss and dandruff. A natural bactericide for blemishes. Made from lowland rain forest organic clay that thoroughly cleanses the skin.

HIBISCUS HONEY & ALOE SHAMPOO BAR A unique shampoo bar containing a vitaplant complex beneficial for dry limp thinning hair.

SEAWEED SOAP The secret magical powers that are contained in this soap enrich your body, mind & soul leaving your body & face smooth and cleansed. Can also be used with our Spa Spirits Cellulite Refiner System. Contains tropical marine clay and richly nutrified Caribbean seaweed.

Natural Herbal Products

MAYAN TAN & REPEL LOTION Refreshing natural insect repellant for biting bugs and an after tanning lotion. Made from spring water, citrus essence, lemon grass, cane juice and nut oils.

RAIN FOREST REFRESHER Soothing relief for minor skin irritations, nail fungi and itching. Helps dry rashes and fever blisters. Contains natural cortisone, cane juice, water and herbal extracts.

SUNBURN GEL Cooling & soothing refreshing gel that instantly relieves painful sunburn. Herbal sap is used in the preparation. Use as needed.


Can move even a merciless God to cleanse & purify one. Incense can also remove poisons from one's body.

KORO (Business) Burn incense in business and around business. Best days for effectiveness is on Mondays & Wednesdays. Meditate to help dispel negative energies.

MORIBA (Home) When used on Sunday, Friday, and Tuesdays, helps to purify negative energies, disturbances, and evil spirits. Meditate to help dispel the negative energies.

ZINGA (Spiritual) Burn incense around yourself and around your area. Best days are on Fridays and Tuesdays to effectively cleanse and purify your body, mind, and soul.

Herbal Tonics

BLACK JUNGLE BARK for MEN A Yin herbal detoxer for male organs, which helps to enhance arousal.

BLACK JUNGLE BARK for WO-MEN The Yang herbal detoxer for fe-male organs which helps to enhance arousal.

Jungle Gift Knacks

JUNGLE CANDLES Beautiful frangrant candles to add to the atmosphere of your home or business

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